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Dishwasher Problems You Can Fix in 15 Minutes

Dishwasher Problems You Can Fix in 15 Minutes

Many dishwasher issues can be fixed without much experience in less than a quarter of an hour. 

Drying problem 

1. If the dishwasher doesn’t dry the dishes properly, you might be placing too much plastic inside. Plastic tends to retains residual moisture. As a solution, try adding a rinse-aid. 

2. If the drying problem isn’t caused by plastic, try using an additional drying option. You may need to refer to your product manual to check your options.

3. On older models that use heating element drying system, this system can be the cause of the malfunction. Additional symptoms are a burning smell and somewhat dirty dishes (on warm or hot programs). While you may try dealing with this problem on your own, don’t forget this will void the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Dishwasher smells

1. If the smell is damp and musty, there can be a kinked hose or clogged drain. Try taking the dishwasher out and looking for any problems with the hose. Check whether there’s water leaking.

2. If there’s a smell, but you can’t notice any problems mentioned above, then the cause is just a build-up of trapped food particles and grease. You can easily resolve the problem on your own.

To begin with, try rinsing the dishwasher with vinegar, baking soda or a special cleaning solution. First, empty the dishwasher. Now get a cup of white vinegar or baking soda. Pour the vinegar into a cup and put it on the top rack. Alternatively, you may pour the vinegar right into the dishwasher drain. If you’re using baking soda instead of the vinegar, sprinkle it across the bottom of the appliance. Now, run a short cycle. Ideally, it should be hot or at least warm. Otherwise, some of the grease may remain.

3. If you’ve performed the cleaning process described above but still haven’t got rid of the stinky feel and smell altogether, then you might need to clean a couple of parts. It’s easier than it seems and won’t take much of your time.

Start with the filters and drain hole. Take out the bottom dishwasher tray or rack. Now, you’re ready to unscrew the removable filters and soak them in warm water for 15 minutes. Use soap, hot water, and a brush (an old toothbrush will do) to scrub the filters. 

Switch to the drain at the bottom of the appliance. Typically, you will see dirt or build-up here. Baking soda will help you get rid of it more effectively, but you can do the job without it, too.

Now, clean the spraying arm. To take out the spraying arm in most dishwashers, you’ll have to pull out the lower rack and unscrew the spraying arm. A piece of wire can be handy for cleaning out the holes. Screw the spraying arm back after cleaning.

Eventually, clean the seals and contact points with a damp cloth.

Dishwasher is displaying an error code

Start by consulting the user’s manual explaining the meaning of the error code. You may get a better understanding from expert advice online as the manufacturer’s explanations of error codes don’t always make sense. For instance, the Bosch dishwasher error code e24 can be caused by a variety of other issues in addition to those mentioned in the manual.

Dishwasher is noisy

Your dishwasher started to make more noise than it used to? A loud, grinding sound is a signal not to be missed. If you listen to the noise attentively, it may give a hint as to what problem the dishwasher is experiencing.

1. Can it be the spray arm hitting dishes or racks? Look inside the dishwasher and make sure the spray arms are moving freely without touching the racks. If you see the spraying arm is rickety, this typically means part of it has worn out. Replacing it will solve the problem.

2. Check the wash arm seal and bearing ring – these plastic rings supporting the wash arm and spray arm tend to wear out with time. Just replace them.

3. If you notice none of the problems mentioned above, then there’s probably a pump issue. If the circulation pump or motor is the cause of the malfunction, we recommend buying a new dishwasher, while in case of a drain pump issue replacing it can be reasonable.


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