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Disposable Vape Doesn’t Taste Good? Here’s What You Should Do



Convenience is the biggest selling point of disposable vapes by a wide margin. Buying a disposable vape means that you can just remove the device from the package and enjoy it without configuring, filling or charging anything.

The fact that a disposable vape requires no setup, though, can also be a bit of a drawback at times. If there’s nothing about the device that you can change or reconfigure, there’s virtually no way to use it improperly. What are you supposed to do, then, if a disposable vape doesn’t taste good?

We’ll start by stating the obvious: A disposable vape should always taste good. If it doesn’t, then your vaping experience isn’t what it should be. Although a disposable vape seems like a completely closed system that you can’t really affect, there are actually things that you can do to fix the problem if you’re not enjoying the flavor of your device – and in this article, we’re going to walk you through those steps.

Here’s what you should do if your disposable vape doesn’t taste good.

Make Sure You’re Using an Authentic Device

One of the unfortunate facts about the vaping industry is that counterfeit products are surprisingly common. That’s especially true of the most popular disposable vapes; there are likely millions of fake Elf Bars on store shelves today. Many popular disposable vapes have authenticity codes on their packages. You can visit the manufacturer’s website and enter the code for some assurance that you have an authentic device.

Counterfeit vaping devices are manufactured with little regard to safety or the quality of the user experience. If you’ve managed to end up with a fake disposable vape, then, it should come as no surprise if the flavor quality isn’t particularly good. Because of the proliferation of fake products, it’s always best to buy your devices from a dedicated seller of vape products like Virginia Beach vape shop Vapor Chasers. A good vape shop will ensure the authenticity of its products by buying them only from the original manufacturers or authorized distributors.

Try a Different Flavor

Along with making sure that you’ll always receive an authentic product, there’s also another good reason to buy disposable vapes from a vape shop instead of a gas station or a convenience store: You’ll enjoy a much larger product selection. With dozens of major brands, several models per brand and many flavors per model, there are literally hundreds of different e-liquid flavors that you can buy in disposable form today. No convenience store could ever manage to find the room for a truly great assortment of disposable vapes, but a good vape shop can certainly come close. If you’re not happy with the flavor of the disposable vape that you’re currently using, it could just be that the flavor you’ve purchased isn’t right for you. Keep trying new flavors, because there’s definitely something out there for everyone.

Try a Lower Nicotine Strength

Another reason why you might not like the flavor of a disposable vape is because the nicotine strength is higher than what you require. Disposable vapes use high-strength nicotine salt e-liquid because they’re designed to replicate the nicotine delivery of full-strength cigarettes. That could be too much nicotine for you, however, if you smoke lower-yield cigarettes or aren’t a heavy smoker. If your disposable vape doesn’t taste good because you feel an overwhelming sensation of nicotine in your throat when inhaling the vapor, it’s very likely that you need to try a lower nicotine strength.

Use Gentle Air Pressure When Vaping

The flavor in an e-liquid is extremely concentrated because a large portion of what you inhale when vaping isn’t actually vape juice – it’s air. Air mixes with tiny droplets of e-liquid to create an aerosol, and that’s the cloud that you inhale and exhale when vaping. Air doesn’t taste like anything, though, and that’s why it’s necessary for e-liquid to have a strong flavor – because it’ll be very diluted when the vapor reaches your mouth.

If you get e-liquid in your mouth when using a disposable vape, it’s going to taste absolutely horrible due to the high concentration of flavors and nicotine. Naturally, this is a situation you want to avoid. A disposable vape usually has a fabric pad somewhere in the mouthpiece to help absorb stray condensation, but it’s still possible to suck e-liquid out of the device if you use too much air pressure when puffing on it. When you use a disposable vape, you should puff just hard enough to trigger the device’s airflow sensor.

Wait Several Seconds After Each Puff

In addition to puffing too firmly, the other mistake that you can make when using a disposable vape is using your device at too quick a pace. A disposable vape holds its e-liquid in a wick. The wick is a fabric pad that’s held in contact with the heating coil. When you vape, the heating coil vaporizes the e-liquid on the inside of the pad, leaving that portion of the pad dry. E-liquid then travels from the outer portion of the pad to the inner portion, making it wet again. If you puff on a disposable vape and quickly puff again before the inner part of the pad is wet, the vapor may taste harsh or burnt. To ensure that every puff tastes great, wait several seconds after each puff to let the e-liquid redistribute itself in the wick.

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A Perfect Winter Workout with H2shO – New Yorker Erwin Gonzalez in the Spotlight




Holidays are in full swing and for many it means finding a unique way to find balance. With all that goes on in the next month it is important to find a way to move and get in the winter groove. We reviewed one type of fitness program in New York City that we really loved.

H2shO offers a unique blend of land-based and water aerobics programs. This science-backed, feel-good fitness workout transcends traditional fitness boundaries, seamlessly merging cultural pleasures like Broadway, Hollywood, pop and classical music with exercise — redefining the movement experience.

Created by fitness innovator Erwin Gonzalez,  the native Nuyorican is a NYC-based multitalented professional. He is a proudd health, wellness, and fitness veteran with over 28 years of experience. As an avid theater buff, he incorporates his art background with his passion for fitness to create H2shO™️, a science- based, multidisciplinary seriously fun, musical fitness workout.  Erwin is skilled in Group Fitness Training, Aquatic Exercise, Event Management, Public Speaking, and Holistic Training.

The unique and fun way to get fit with shallow water vertical workouts, now exclusively at St. Bart’s Church. H2shO™️ merges Broadway, Hollywood, Classical Music, and culture with fitness in a way that many thought was impossible.

The Aquatics Program has no membership requirements and all ages and fitness levels can join in this holiday season.

Great things with your class include:

  • Brand New & Innovative Aqua Equipment
  • Saline Pool with a Deep water option
  • No Overcrowding
  • Attentive lifeguard

Upcoming classes on Tuesdays at 12:30pm on November 28, December 5 and December 12. For more information, please visit HERE.

Location: St Bart’s Church
109 Park Avenue, East 50th Street
New York NY 10022


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ROAM Luggage Black Friday Bonanza in Time for Holidays



The best luggage on the market has some thrilling news just in time for Black Friday. We recently reviewed their newest product from ROAM Luggage.  The Carry-On Front Pocket Expandable had us dazzled and we cannot say enough wonderful things.

Roam sets industry-leading standards in both custom design and quality construction. All ROAM luggage is made to order by American artisans in Vidalia, Georgia and is completely color-customizable, so you can create a one-of-a-kind design that is built to last.

The amazing Black Friday deal gives $100 off all ROAM customizable hard-side luggage until Monday, November 27. Take advantage for a special treat for yourself or sit with a loved one and give them the best gift of the holidays as you watch their eyes grow with wonder as they build online their own luggage.

A process that is both fun and thrilling you make a custom design for your own luggage that will forever change the way you travel. Consumers have a full range of choices in colors and more aspects including shells, linings, zippers, wheels, trim and even size and expandability. The front pocket option for super quick access is a favorite and it showcases ROAM’s unique style and fantastic durability.

For the frequent traveler to the those on an annual adventure this colorful piece will brighten your day and elevate your time on the road. Featured is a flexible zipper allowing for extra expansion, front side mesh pocket, quick access pocket for phone or glasses, folded padded computer compartment and even a zippered pocket for passport or accessories and additional key fob.

Each hard-sided luggage showcases precise one-stitch-at-a-time American handcraftsmanship in their factory, 100% polycarbonate shells for optimum durability and weight, extra-strength protective zippers repel water, superior smooth-riding wheels made with the highest quality ball bearings, and a telescoping ergonomic handle that is crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum and four height settings. There are even anti-microbial, water-resistant linings are made from 100% sustainably recycled materials.

Everything about this holiday gift elevates the holiday season. Give the gift that will truly create beautiful memories for a lifetime. For more information, please visit HERE.


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Innovative Jewelry Crafting: The Dannunzio Difference



Nothing in natural diamond jewelry compares to Dannunzio’s Mirror Collection — a line that has a look unparalleled in the industry.

“I have spent the past 15 years perfecting an assembly technique that shows off a genuine diamond’s luster to its fullest,” says Artie Dannunzio, CEO of Dannunzio. “No one matches our mirror effect. Each piece of jewelry we design hides a mirror of polished gold within. When we suspend a diamond above this mirror, refracted light glimmers around and through each facet of the stone. This enhances a diamond’s brilliance in such a way that even professionals have difficulty determining its actual size.”

Deep below the earth’s surface, where temperatures rise to 1,300 degrees Celsius, and pressures build to 50,000 times that of the atmosphere, carbon atoms crystallize into diamonds. Just like snowflakes, each natural diamond has a unique pattern that tells the story of its intense formation, and no two diamonds are alike.

The rare and unique beauty of natural diamonds inspired Dannunzio’s innovation. His brand is committed to showcasing each stone’s individual story with fresh and distinct artistry.

Dannunzio’s Mirror Collection bears the distinction of integrating one of the few design-related patents in the jewelry sector. While innovators in this space commonly apply for patents for mechanisms such as clasps or watch mechanics, they rarely protect their designs. After all, centuries of design revolve primarily around similar ways to twist, curve, and bend metal.

At last, however, the Mirror Collection offers a fresh design worthy of a formal patent. Above all else, this innovation fulfills Dannunzio’s long-standing dream to revolutionize natural diamond jewelry with something utterly new.

Inserting the miniature gold mirror inside a new piece of jewelry and setting the diamond above takes a skilled craftsman over two months. Each item incorporating Dannunzio’s revolutionary assembling technique is obviously the result of considerable effort and care.

“Seeing a person’s thrill as they take in a diamond’s splendor from every vantage point makes all our hard work worthwhile,” Dannunzio explains. I can’t even begin to convey the visual impact — you just have to see it for yourself.

Diamonds are forever, which is why Dannunzio honors each natural diamond with both innovation and a design worthy of its long-lasting elegance. His Mirror Collection is careful to respect both progress and tradition. Though each diamond sparkles and flashes in wholly new ways, its setting integrates classic and time-honored elements.

This tie between tradition and originality springs from a family legacy that spans decades. When he was a young boy, Dannunzio watched his grandfather and father create exquisite jewelry completely by hand, leaning over their shoulders as they formed wax prototypes for each unique work of art.

Even at that young age, Dannunzio remembers an intense curiosity about how his family’s jewelry designs came to be. He could see the quality and attention to detail his father put into every piece, and desperately wanted to be a part of it.

“My grandfather and father had ready access to twisted metal wire, just like any other jeweler of the day,” he recalls, “but instead of purchasing this, they chose to twist their own wire every time. To ensure the best quality, they painstakingly finished each item by hand. After 40 years at the helm, I still take my cues from them. I continue to value the one-of-a-kind quality of handmade goods over the convenience of mass production.”

Like his family, Dannunzio sets himself apart as both a master artisan and an innovative designer. He began working alongside his father full-time at the age of 14. “When I started, I was delivering coffee and sweeping the shop floor. Finally, I worked my way to the position I dreamed of for so long: jewelry design.”

Despite unconventional designs, Dannunzio upholds the value of tradition. “My goal is to provide the world fresh takes on tried-and-true styles,” he concludes. “Progress in any field requires people to take risks. In innovative diamond jewelry design, this means breathing fresh life into established concepts by trying them in novel contexts. By bringing inspiration to the industry’s long tradition of craftsmanship, we can give the world entirely unexpected designs in natural diamond jewelry, such as the Mirror Collection.”

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A Perfect Holiday Gift for Anyone with The Cotton & Silk



With the holidays just around the corner the time for thinking about the perfect gift is here. Finding a present that every single person will love has never been easier thanks to THE COTTON & SILK.

We recently reviewed the product line at home and the appreciation for the unique and divine company is truly phenomenal. This is not just bedding. This is part of a wonderful way to improve your life with luxury and making a home that is comfortable and part of a journey to wellness.

For all the time you spend in bed you should spoil yourself with only the best. The line offers you quality and compassion all in one. Products are designed and quality controlled in top-notch factories. They are made from 100% cotton, 100% silk, or both, depending on the nature of the products.

“Life is meant to be enjoyed, explored, and inspired. Experience the epitome of comfort, luxury, and safety as you indulge in our meticulously crafted products, designed to enhance your well-being in every way,” says founder Betty Zhong. “We are committed to crafting products of the utmost quality and care. We exclusively utilize the most natural and healthy materials: cotton, silk, or a combination of both, depending on the nature of the product. Recognizing that not all cotton and silk are created equal, we leave no room for compromise when it comes to selecting the highest quality fabrics”

Every material the company uses holds the esteemed OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class I certification, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals and safe for all ages and skin types. When you roll into bed with a selection for the company you are set to experience love and joy, which is why it is simply the best gift in the world to give.

“We spend a significant portion of our lives in bed, often without realizing it. A good night’s sleep can greatly enhance our overall well-being and happiness,” states Zhong.  “As someone who values the importance of quality sleep, I initially focused on bedding products. After all, everyone deserves to experience the benefits of a restful sleep. Our high-quality bedding products are designed to help you achieve just that.”

Material in such items as the wonderful Long-staple Cotton Duvet Cover Set, 3-piece, Misty Blue + White are 100% Luxury Long-staple Cotton, Sateen Weave, Genuine 300TC; Ultra soft and comfortable; OEKO-TEK Standard tested baby safe fabric. The design is A/B sides different-color design (misty blue + white) with the white edge on the A (surface) side adds an extra elegant and luxury touch to your bedroom. Both the Duvet Cover and the two Pillow Shams have the same design.

Top notch fine stitching is all around and high quality. The Duvet Cover has a top quality hidden zipper on your foot end (the B side) to protect your duvet fully from dust. Eight 6-inch loop ties are designed to keep your duvet (insert) in place with the Duvet Cover – the tie is long enough – you can cut the loop into two ties or use as is. The Pillow Shams have envelop closure on the back.

The premium long-staple cotton is very soft and smooth to the touch and good to your skin. You can sleep directly underneath the duvet cover and on the pillowcases; or use a cotton/silk sheet underneath if you don’t want to change the duvet cover too frequently.

For more information on how to get your perfect holiday gift for loved ones, please visit HERE.





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Holiday Joy Found at Crate & Barrel



Holiday joy is just around the corner! With this joyous time get ready to match your wonderful list with Santa. The nice on the sheet will win big with the most glorious gifts around from the phenomenal Crate & Barrel.

Every grand offering this season will bring a beautiful smile to your face. Wrap it up and give our favorite gifts from their wonderful collection today.

Here are our top things that are an absolute must for that special present this holiday season:

La Creuset Dutch Oven

Impervious acid, alkali, odors and stains, this hardworking round Dutch oven is made of cast iron coated in a neutral-colored smooth enamel. Great for soups, stews and braises, the Dutch oven is compatible with all types of heat sources, from gas and electric stoves, to ceramic and glass cooktops, to induction and halogen. Revered by both professional chefs and home cooks since its 1925 debut, Le Creuset’s classic French cookware is prized for its utilitarian good looks, unsurpassed heat retention, and lids that create an even “blanket” of heat.


Taiga Large Wood and Marble Tree Board

Natural mango wood and white marble craft a tree-shaped serving board that’s perfect for serving Christmas Eve appetizers or après-ski cheeseboards. Assembled by hand, the board alternates lengths of wood and marble to fashion a pine tree silhouette. Rich with the unique grain of renewable mango wood from trees no longer producing fruit and the distinctive veining of marble, the large board is the perfect backdrop for everything from charcuterie to a spill of decorated cookies.

Exclusive Holiday Pillows

Joan Anderson’s whimsical holiday critters are back by popular demand, this time posing solo on embroidered throw pillows. Outlined simply yet expressively in black, decks out for the season with red berries, a crimson bird tree topper and green-striped packages. Made of an off-white wool-blend fabric, the pillow cover reverses to a solid ivory linen-blend and is finished with black merrow-stitch edging. A lovely holiday accent on its own, the tree pillow cover creates a woodland gathering when tossed on a sofa with one or all of the four matching Arctic friends pillows in the collection. Fill this charming pillow cover with a plush feather-down or lofty down-alternative insert (sold separately).







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