Distracted Drivers are Causing Insurance Rates to Go Up for Everyone

Distracted Drivers are Causing Insurance Rates to Go Up for Everyone

Did you realize that teenager drivers are affecting insurance premiums for all motorists? In addition, other awful drivers can affect your premiums too. While it might not seem fair, the reality is more and more people, especially teenagers, are distracted while behind the wheel.

Messaging, while at the same time driving, is very risky behavior that more young drivers are engaging in. According to, vehicular deaths related to distracted driving is one of the leading causes of deaths for motorists under 20 years old.  Sadly, an ever-increasing number of individuals are taking part in this terrible conduct, including adults. This behavior is responsible for over 1.6 million accidents and 400,000 injuries for each year.

The National Safety Council estimates that almost one out of four accidents are due to distracted driving. Along these lines, the quantity of accidents has gone up over 14% since 2014. In addition to the fact that the roadways are riskier to drive in than ever before, it is also becoming more costly to drive. One of the main reasons is an escalation in auto insurance premiums.

Teenagers Drive Distracted the Most
New tests demonstrate that individuals are prone to taking their eyes off the road, even in heavy traffic. Not only does it make driving conditions unsafe, but it also is contributing to an increase in accidents. Since distracted driving behaviors are one of the main sources of accidents and deaths every year, car insurance companies have had no choice but to raise premiums. All drivers, including those that do not engage in distracted driving, need to pay more for their auto insurance. Some insurers are now losing money, with a big portion of the blame placed on increasing distracted driving-related accidents.

Surge Powers, the leader of Burke, Powers and Harty law firm is seeing more legal cases each year related to major injuries caused by distracted motorists. This is influencing bigger premium increases each year by a majority of insurers. All things considered, a car insurance plan costs about $926 every year on average. Since 2011 until 2018, that rate has gone up annually by 16%. Young people are the greatest guilty parties of driving while under the influence of their cell phone. Sadly, everybody pays the cost for it.

Why Does Texting and Driving Hurt My Car Insurance Premiums?
Do you text and drive? If you are honest and this is the truth, there’s one thing you should do. You should stop this dangerous behavior immediately. Messaging on your phone while driving puts you and everyone on the road around you at risk of getting into a serious accident or even worse killed. Several insurance organizations have begun tracking mobile phone use for the drivers that they cover. You might be followed because of your terrible conduct and receive a hefty penalty.

One case of this is Allstate and Loya insurance. They utilize something many refer to as Arity. It’s a tracking AI that decides if drivers are utilizing their telephones while driving. Arity investigated more than 160 million cases and discovered that the individuals who used their telephone while driving were engaged in much more risky driving while on the road. In the event that you don’t text and drive, you may feel relieved. In any case, you are just as affected financially as those who do text and drive.

Will My Rates Be Unaffected If I Don’t Text and Drive?
A wide range of components dictates vehicle Insurance rates. This includes your nearby neighborhood, your age, your education, your driving history, and your income. One of the last classifications that these organizations will check is the probability a customer will engage in texting and driving. Since such a large number of individuals are doing this in recent years, sophisticated algorithms are used to determine risk and premiums. If you do not text and drive, you might pay a little less, but overall you will be paying more than if this issue did not exist.

Should I Expect My Insurance Premiums to Rise in the Near Future?
Everything depend on what state you live in. Throughout the whole country, premiums have gone up about 23% since 2011 and they keep going up at the present day. North Carolina residents experienced substantial premium increases. In 2016 alone, their rates went up by 9%. This is because of a dramatic increase in distracted driving accidents. Sadly, many people on a tight budget in this state have been forced not to drive because insurance rates that are too costly.

There’s an ever-increasing number of vehicle accidents due to texting. State Farm insurance company reports that 40% of all drivers confess to Texting and driving. Despite the dangers, people just can’t put down their cell phones, even while driving. This is unquestionably a major factor bringing about more and more accidents. If you’re a high school aged motorist, you will probably see an enormous increment in your Insurance rate over the next couple years, unless this trend reverses.

How to Pay Less for Auto Insurance Coverage
The best thing you can do in this circumstance is raised your credit score. If your score is under 650, you will end up paying about 20% or more for coverage. Get your score over 700 and watch your rates go down a lot. Also, drive an older car with a 4-cylinder engine. Nest, take the time to search for the cheapest rates both offline and online. Compare at least 10 car insurance quotes and see who has the best pricing for the coverage you need. Lastly, never text and engage in distracted activities behind the wheel. This will prevent many accidents and help keep your premiums down.


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