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Do Men Grow Beard When They Are Stressed?

Do Men Grow Beard When They Are Stressed?

Fully grown and well groomed beard with accurately balanced clean cut lines is today’s definition of an attractive man. Beard are taken as a sign of maturity, masculinity, dominance and good health in men. For this reason, men try every new advice to enhance the growth of their facial hair to attain this status. However, untamed and shaggy beard can on the other hand be a source of negative attraction. For you to get that impressive beard, it requires proper growth and maintenance using the right products such as beard oil and professional shaping and trimming tools.

But before you even think of buying the best hair liners for beard grooming, the journey must start from growing a thick and healthy beard. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can hinder proper beard growth ranging from genes, lifestyle to psychological reasons. This leaves many aspiring beard growers frustrated and embarrassed about their looks. For most men, a slight change in lifestyle or tactic is the only breakthrough they need to get their coveted hairy face. This article will focus on the relationship between stress and beard growth, and tips on how you can stimulate faster beard growth.

Stress and Beard Growth

There are many things that cause stress in our lives. Too much work on your desk, financial uncertainty, life ambitions to name but few. Stress affects people in different ways with some of the popular effects being ulcers or heart attack. But did you know loss of head and facial hair can be a response to high levels of stress?

  • Various studies have revealed that stress increases the production of cortisol in the body, which crashes the testosterone/ DHT hormone level. This in turn hinders the normal growth of facial hair.
  • Stress can also constrict blood vessels restricting the proper flow of vitamin and other nutrients to the hair follicles limit the ability of a man to grow a healthy beard.
  • Too much stress can lead to other disorders which impact on facial hair growth.
  • Some skin problems such as acnes and itch increases discomfort when growing beard.
  • For you to grow a thick and healthy beard, you need to have the body strength and feed on a proper diet. However, when you are stressed, you tend to lose appetite and feel week which can limit your facial hair growth potential.

Therefore, if you want to grow healthy and head-turning facial hair, it is important to avoid stress at all cost. This will not only be ideal for growing a beard, but also good for your general health.

How do you get rid of or reduce stress for the best beard growing results?

While we have different ways of dealing with stressful situations, the following remedies may work for most people:

  • Get enough sleep– Most people are too occupied with their jobs and other activities which robs them off their sleeping time. Having enough sleep and rest is very critical, as it helps the body to function at optimal levels and enhances regeneration of testosterone. Sleeping is also known to be an effective stress relief.
  • Regular exercise– A little jogging and other work out activities helps to reduce stress by taking off your mind from bothering issues. Besides, exercising promotes blood circulation, ensuring that all the necessary nutrients can reach the hair follicles.

  • Seek medical assistance– In some cases you may need the help of a therapist to get rid of stress in your life. Moreover, sharing your issues with another person can make you feel better and relief you off your stress.

To summarize, though different people have different views on how stress can affect facial hair, scientific research shows that high levels of stress can limit your potential to grow beard. It is therefore advisable to reduce your stress levels to get the best results.


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