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Do you have the skills for your dream job?

Do you have the skills for your dream job?

Dream job is something we try to get all our life, to be very honest the most important thing we want to have in a job is money and rest. But these two things are not on the same plate. 

Planning to achieve your dream post is different from dreaming about the desired place. Every successful person we see was once an unsuccessful lad, who was trying to find the right spot. 

The genius of the lot is the one who identified his passion, the road to success starts with identifying your passion, money is not any sort of passion. 

You must design your thoughts and skills in such a way that people think that they need only you for making their work a success.  Polishing yourself according to today’s need is not as easy as you think for instance learning software like or some graphic designing tools needs a certain time frame. 

For designing your skills, you must attempt various skills tests even if you think that you have attained the highest level of skills. For instance MS office skill tests and for keeping an idea about your working skills you must take the test for working in contact centers because that can be the starting point for most of us. 

In this article I have highlighted some skills which you need to polish before you think that you are ready to pitch in for your dream job. Your ideas about getting the job may be different because most of the graduates or freshers think that it is their degree which is going to help them in getting a strong post. 

No, it is not your degree, let us consider our thoughts about our degree or courses first, so what makes you think that your degree is going to be helpful in your future. Of course, the skills you are going to learn in the courses are the key element for your success.  

1.    Resume writing 

Most of us think that resume writing is not a task, and you must take it for granted. But, when we are trying to find a suitable job for us, the very first thing we are asked to provide is the resume. 

Resume writing is a skill and you can master it just by writing several drafts of the resume while keeping in mind that you ought to check your resume as you are the hiring board. 

Secondly, while you write your resume make sure that you are not mentioning any none sense, this can be a very huge setback for you. I have seen a lot of skilled people facing rejection just because they were unable to profile themselves on paper. 

2.    Best communication skills 

Without communication skills, you won’t be able to get a job. You will be asked to say something about your project. Convincing and argument winning are the topmost important aspects of communication skills.

To communicate well, there must be a control on your emotions and thoughts which will come through practice. Reading great books is key.  

Soft-spoken persons are likely to dominate those who do not know how to convey their message without disturbing anyone. Employers always want to make an impact on the employee even if you do not like it, but you must compromise with it to stay at your post.   

3.    The artificial intelligence  

You must not forget that you must be very alert when it comes to the use of artificial intelligence.   Nowadays there are a lot of things which depend upon the internet and Microsoft tools. Thus, without properly understanding their use. 

This will make you more confident. The way you feel about yourself depends on your thought and your thought of you is because of your skills, so make sure that you know that you have practiced quite well. 

4.    Thinking out of the box 

You must be an innovative person, if you think that you can change the world then share your ideas. changing the world is synonymous with thinking different. 

Your employers must take you as a special person, and that will be possible through your way of thinking. Thus, make sure that you are doing well enough while innovating your coworker and fellows. 

Presenting reports with a touch of personal thinking can boost up your idea, try to convince your bosses that you are taking their business as yours, this will create a sense of reliability and trust.  


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