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Do You Need A Laptop Or A Tablet?

Do You Need A Laptop Or A Tablet?

Back in 2019, the hot news topics of the day surrounding technology were leaning more towards the need for portability and flexibility when it came to working. 

There was a big move towards remote work and working flexibly, driving the question of whether tablets would soon replace laptops for most office-based workers.

Skip ahead to 2021 and a huge proportion of the office-based workforce is now working from home and not leaving their homes, giving strength to the remote working argument but also throwing up questions about how portable technology really needs to be?

Choosing between a laptop or a tablet for your work has always been a relatively simple question, tablets have traditionally been underpowered and difficult to type on making them useful for displays and presentations, but awkward for word processing and spreadsheets.

These days, tablets are much more powerful and app development has come along in leaps and bounds, leading to a much better experience for the end user.

So, which should you choose, a laptop or a tablet?

The Benefits Of Laptops

If you are considering buying a new lenovo laptop either for work or for personal use, you are probably overwhelmed with choice, but what are the benefits of a laptop over a tablet computer?

  • A More Natural Experience – Like it or not, we are much more used to using laptops than we are tablets. The very idea of physically sitting down to a screen and a keyboard is more natural than touching a screen, and this is a real benefit for most laptop users over tablets.
  • More Powerful – Laptops are still more powerful than tablets, they are better able to cope with heavy tasks such as 3D animation and gaming, making them more versatile than even the best tablets on the market.
  • Full Programs – Whether you are working on a Microsoft based system or any other operating system, you are going to be using the full versions of programs, as they were meant to be used by the designers, rather than the app versions which are never usually comparable for long-term use.
  • Better Multitasking – Laptop operating systems are much better designed for multitasking. You can have as many tabs open on your browser, switch to a word processor, and even bring up a media player with ease, something that even good tablet operating systems with split screen options are still to master.

The Benefits Of a Tablet

Tablets have come a long way in the last few years, with Android, Microsoft, and Apple having their own mobile operating systems (as well as Linux too!). There are a few benefits to using a tablet over a laptop.

  • Portability – tablets are definitely more portable than laptops. With many companies opting for lighter and thinner models, shaving off a few grams with each release. Despite laptops getting lighter, they will never be as portable as a tablet.
  • Better Battery Life – Due to the way the operating systems work on most modern tablets, the battery life is usually better than a laptop doing the same tasks. Of course, this does depend on the usage, the screen brightness, and background tasks, but in general, tablet batteries will outperform laptops for the same basic tasks like web browsing.
  • Intuitive Apps – App design and app development has really come a long way in the last few years, meaning users now have better options than ever before. Many app developers have taken the approach of offering a specific usage-based app version of their program, rather than trying to emulate the laptop full program, and this makes them really intuitive to use.
  • Better Charging Abilities – Unless you have a newer style laptop that can be charged using a USB C standard adapter, you are likely to find charging a tablet much easier. Most tablets these days are charged via USB C or Micro USB and can be plugged into any USB port either from another device or a wall socket for easy portability. Travelers find that many airports and planes now offer USB ports over mains power sockets for easy charging on the go.
  • A Better Webcam – A few laptops are being made now with much better webcams, but most are still very poor giving grainy images even in the best of lightning. When it comes to mobile technology though, this is where tablets usually have the upper hand, taking the camera technology from smartphones and scaling up for a much better picture on your Zoom calls.

Whether you are working away for one night a year or you are a digital nomad on an epic adventure, portability is going to be a big factor in your decision. 

Smaller and lighter laptops are coming onto the market every day and there are even laptops with detachable screens, meaning you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to choosing between a tablet or a laptop.


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