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Do You Want To Create Your Online Portfolio?

Do You Want To Create Your Online Portfolio?

If you are a freelancer, a small business owner, or even an artist who wishes to monetize his works, an online portfolio is imperative to start scratching a digital notch for oneself in this realm of bits and bytes. It can be a little confusing for people with non-technical backgrounds; but the right roadmap can guide as well as return great results on the initial investments very soon. 

There are tools available to create your very own online portfolio that provide hosting as well as domain name services. Before that, it is necessary to go through a few pointers.


Before putting anything on the screen, you need to have some blueprint of how your portfolio would look like. Seems like a tedious job? Let technology do its part. The internet has a huge variety of tools that offer portfolio designing. These tools have design templates that make the task much much easier. One such portfolio tool by the name of Pixpa comes to mind, which is specially designed for creative people looking to create portfolio websites

Content is the key

It’s all about content. You know your work best; explaining those intricacies to potential clients, audience and customers is a whole other job though. In the online marketing world, good quality content is the building block of all things great. Design proper text based and graphical content with an easy to understand backdrop. Make it engaging; make it crisp; and make it sparkle.

Content Placement

Great quality content is not enough. You need to place them at the right spots in your portfolio. You know your USPs and you know your product. Make sure the audience sees it, and more importantly, remembers it. Leave a mark.

What to look for in a Portfolio Designing Tool?

“Creativity without discipline will struggle, creativity with discipline will succeed.” 

There are tools all over the internet that can help create portfolios but choosing the right one might just be the most crucial step toward achieving online success. The following pointers have been jotted down keeping in mind artists, freelance photographers, and the likes of such creative fields of interest.   

Easy to Use:The tool should be easy to use and not too technical in nature. Read reviews first and choose the most simple, elegant one out there.

Pricing:You’ll find dozens of free services claiming to be the best, but there is a reason why they are free. Shelling out just a few bucks might land you on an amazing choice. It’s highly advisable to choose a paid product; it is a great investment, and such companies offer support and maintenance as well.

Add on Services: Look for what these tools provide besides designing functionalities. Some of them like Pixpa come with free domain and client-proofing services. 

Industry Friendly: The requirements of a photographer is poles apart from say that of a UI/UX designer. See which tool gives you the templates best suited for your industry.

These were just a few points that came to my mind that were worth sharing. Having a close interest in photography myself, it was high time I shared a few of my experiences with my fellow photographers and artists. I personally use Pixpa since its advent in 2012. 

In a nutshell, creating an online portfolio is not difficult at all. There are tools and services and support all over the world wide web. All you have to do is start!


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