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Docker Offers The French Infinit and Its Unified Storage Technology

Docker Offers The French Infinit and Its Unified Storage Technology

After a first partnership, the container specialist announces that it finally buys the French start-up Infiniti and its technology that unifies spaces by creating a single hard drive. In January 2015, L’Informaticien risked betting on promising technology companies: Infinit was on the list. The tricolour start-up has just fallen into the bosom of another (almost) Frenchman, the now famous Docker. With the development of technology, online casino players can play anything anywhere and it is possible for online casino players to interact with other players, there is a monitor that allows the dealer to see the players who are online, that simple means the players can engage in a live chat, visit web to checkout online casinos that have live video.

“We got closer to them in April-May 2016, as a kind of partnership,” explains Baptiste Fradin, COO and co-founder of Infinit. Needless to say, the two companies wanted to go further together, and it was almost naturally that they ended up getting married definitively.

At the beginning of the adventure, at the end of 2011, launches a file transfer solution in P2P: easy and fast, it is adopted by companies that need to exchange very large files daily. The growth of technology has improved the online gambling industry in so many ways for example nowadays players can play at their homes for real money, play at online casino america for real money. Then, at the beginning of 2016, the start-up set sail on, a software solution that promises to offer the integrity of data stored in a distributed environment by guaranteeing high availability with dynamic redundancy, security thanks to Data encryption and especially a very fast deployment time. More concretely, it is a question of unifying all the spaces available (cloud, RAID, local HDD, etc.) by creating a unique hard disk for the users. Meanwhile, the concept of containers carried by Docker explodes but is also confronted with problems of unification of storage. “In a container environment, is going to be the bottom layer which allows to aggregate different containers in a distributed way, and to provide a more flexible and agile infrastructure,” continues Baptiste Fradin.

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