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Does Cycling Burn Fat? 4 Tips to Keep in Mind

Does Cycling Burn Fat? 4 Tips to Keep in Mind

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Cycling is a popular sport that has been adopted by millions of people across the globe. This activity has so many advantages; it improves both your mental and physical health. Maybe you’ve been wondering: does cycling burn fat?

The truth is that body fat is a natural component in all humans. No matter how fit you are, or diet you’re on, you’ll still record a tangible level of body fat. 

The difference between us all is that some people have more body fat than others – we don’t all have the exact same body fat levels. However, if you’re hoping to burn some, cycling is an exercise you can turn to. 

The whole idea of cycling to burn fat lies in the ability to swap carbohydrates with body fats as fuel when cycling. 

Here are some great tips from BikingBro to show you how riding a bike can help to reduce fat: 

1: Ride Before Breakfast

Now, if you’re just getting started on biking, you’ll need to make some sacrifices if you want to see results. One of such sacrifices involves cutting your early morning meals, breakfast. 

When you’re fasting, which involves not eating for up to 12 hours before the ride, your carbohydrate levels are low. With very little carbohydrate available as biking fuel, your body switches to using body fats instead. 

You might be thinking that you’ll be weaker if you skip out on breakfast, don’t worry. With the right cycling cadence and a relaxed biking routine, your muscles would be rested and less worked up – providing you with enough power all through the ride.

2: Develop Cycling Power

If you want to see significant results while cycling to burn fat, you must be willing to work on developing your cycling power/strength. 

When you’re cycling, your muscles are usually engaged – the stronger the muscles are, the more power is available for easy cycling. 

As you engage in muscle building exercises, outside of cycling, you also burn fats in the process. Head over to the gym during the week for some weight-lifting sessions. 

3: Push Your Limits

As long as you’re willing to push your body to the max, you’ll get amazing results. You should try to incorporate a high-intensity regimen into your regular cycling sessions. 

Not only would you effectively burn carbohydrates in the body, but you’ll also burn a significant amount of fats. With these intense cycling sessions, your max oxygen consumption would be boosted along with biking efficiency, and lactate kick-off rate – all of which combine to make your cycling exercise much more profitable. 

Some scientific findings have also shown the great benefits of applying really intense cycling routines in the attempt to burn belly fat.

4: Drink Caffeine

Taking some caffeine is our last tip. Caffeine is a popular ingredient for improved cycling – so you can expect to see a lot of cyclists taking it before getting on their bikes. Caffeine helps reduce fats by allowing the latter to be burned instead of carbohydrates. 

With all that has been said, you should now have your answers to the question: does cycling burn fat? 

Cycling is a great exercise that can be adopted for several purposes, and fat burning is one of them. However, you’ll need to follow the tips provided earlier in this article if you want to see significant results. For instance, those who specifically want to burn belly fat will need to adopt some high-intensity cycling routines. 

Skipping breakfast is also a key tip for burning fat. When you’re fasting, which involves not eating for up to 12 hours before the ride, your carbohydrate levels are low. Doing this will ensure that the body burns fats for fuel instead of carbohydrates. 

If you’ve also been wondering: does cycling burn fat on thighs? You should adopt the previously provided tips for great results. 

Lastly, you should keep it in mind that you cannot achieve significant results if you aren’t dedicated to cycling. You must always be willing to take your bike out and ride for the required duration, rather than lazily skipping out on sessions. 

If you can do this, and also adhere to the advice provided in this writing, you’ll burn a great amount of body fat in no time. 


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