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Does It Spark Joy? Marie Kondo’s Best Tips for Your Bedroom

Does It Spark Joy? Marie Kondo’s Best Tips for Your Bedroom

\Just like yoga can help to relax and de-clutter your mind, so can the act of actually sorting your bedroom space out! Most of us can hold our hands up and say we are guilty of needing to do this, and there’s someone who can help…

Marie Kondo and her hit Netflix programme, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”, has served up some of what we’ve all been waiting to hear but possibly never knew it! Marie explains that items in our lives need to bring us joy, and if they don’t then they need to go; that’s all part of the decluttering plan, and there’s a good reason behind this too.

The KonMari Method falls in-line with a host of studies which point to the fact that there is a connection between an organised space and reduced stress levels. In fact, many experts cite that owning extra things can set off not only our stress hormone, they also state that a cluttered environment causes more difficulty when it comes to processing information.

Taking the time to re-organise and declutter your bedroom might well bring your stress levels down and make you feel more content in life.

Here are some of the best tips for your bedroom:

Always Be Sure to Make Your Bed

Such a simple, yet effective tip; in fact, research conducted by the National Sleep Foundation studied the relationship between bedroom environment and sound slumber. The findings revealed that people who opted to make their bed each morning were 19% more likely to report enjoying a quality night’s sleep.

Further to this, a survey of almost 70,000 people discovered that an overwhelming 71% of those who make their bed in the morning claim to feel happy, while on the other hand, 62% of non-bed makers state that they feel unhappy.

Set Your Ambience

Both Kondo and Sleepadvisor promote the fact that your bedroom is a place to unplug, wind down and rejuvenate yourself. For this, you should make your bedroom into a space as close to a spa-type space as you possibly can.

Research has highlighted that a quiet, dark and clean room is a serious cog in the quality sleep wheel.

So, when it comes to lighting, you need to utilise it to your advantage. Think about fitting a dimmer switch or some softer lighting to your bedroom, or perhaps turn the main light off and use a soothing side lamp.

Narrow Your Collection of Clothing

Only keep clothes that provoke joy – yes, joy! If you’re yet to watch an episode of Marie Kondo and her methods, then this might not make as much sense, but it will.

Hordes of people have too many clothes in the closets, cupboards, wardrobes and drawers these days. We’ve constantly been told enjoy being consumers as it’ll make us feel better, but to declutter in a dutiful way, start by placing every item of clothing you own on your bed so you have a clear picture of how much stuff you’ve amassed.

Next, pick up each item individually and make a conscious decision to keep it or donate it. You’re within your right to throw it away, but why not do a good thing for someone else as well as helping your mental health?

Here’s where the joy part comes in… In the show, Kondo states that an item that offers you happiness will support a bodily reaction; you may smile when it’s in your hands, for example. For clothing you didn’t realise was even still there, you rarely wear or, indeed, evoke no joy or happiness, just thank them before moving to the non-keep pile.

Regularly Wash Your Sheets

Marie Kondo is a firm advocate of a clean room being a happy room that can make you a happier person as well! Because you sleep in your bed each evening, your sheets and pillows will inevitably get dirty rather swiftly (even for the cleanest people).

With this in mind, you must wash your sheets and pillowcases every week and make this a regular activity too. You’ll undoubtedly know the soothing feeling of fresh scents and smells, and there’s science behind this that says it helps to lower stress and promote good moods.

Arrange Your Belongings by Colour

Whatever it is, arrange it by colour and think of the rainbow while you’re at it, Kondo suggests.

First of all, this will help to make your space look REALLY cool, you may just find that this also makes it easier to locate your items; not to mention that it can motivate you to keep your other belongings tidy. You see, Kondo’s thought process is that you’ll more than likely want to keep your bedroom as beautiful as all the colours on display, once you see them in all their glory!

Lastly, Greet Your Room

Our last tip is among the easiest (tied with the first). The KonMari Method is embedded with gratitude, and you can see that in every show Kondo starts off the episode with her sitting down in a new home to greet and thank the space.

For plenty of people, this could come across as a bit “out there”, but just go ahead and try it for a while before you write it off. Simply perch on your bed and take a moment to remind yourself how appreciative you are to possess a cosy space to get sleep in. The hope is that by doing this you will be able to visualise what you want your bedroom to become in the long-run.


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