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Does the Kind of Hand Towel I Use Matter?

Does the Kind of Hand Towel I Use Matter?

If you’ve ever looked at a hand towel in your home and wondered if you could do better, then this might just be the article for you. Whether your hand towel is a repurposed dish towel, a rag, or something that is a little more high quality, you might wonder if the towel you use really matters. After all, all towels manage to dry your hands which is the primary purpose of towels, so why spend too much time on it?

Well, the type of hand towels you use do matter, because depending on their different properties you will get different results when it comes to drying your hands. Plus, certain towels might dry quicker, slower, or have additional properties that you will need to consider for your hand towels.

Here are some of the things that make a hand towel a hand towel, and also what you need to be looking out for whenever you need to purchase a good towel.

What Do All Hand Towels Have In Common?

Most hand towels have dimensions of 15 inches by 25 inches, and when they are made of cotton they are very absorbent. You will gain the effects of the absorbance whether you are using fully cotton towels or towels constructed of a cotton-polymer blend. Additionally, hand towels tend to dry very quickly whenever they are hung up with all surfaces exposed.

Hand towels also allow you to do laundry less often and they travel very well, being able to be carried from room to room or mess to mess without the massive bulk of a larger towel. Finally, they are good green alternative replacements to paper towels, able to do everything paper towels do, without being thrown away at the end.

Are Hand Towels And Face Towels Interchangeable?

Some people tend to use both hand and face towels to wash both the hands and the face, and for the uninitiated, it can be a stretch to consider both towels different, and you might wonder if the two are interchangeable in any way. Well, hand towels are towels that are bigger and a bit tougher in terms of material.

Face towels have also been called washcloths, which gives an idea of how small they are, and they are often made of softer material in order to be gentle on a freshly washed face. However, unless you or your guests are worried about contamination or the spread of germs, most of the time they can be used interchangeably, although they shouldn’t be.

Does Washing With A Dirty Hand Towel Matter?

Let’s be honest, most people don’t wash their hand towels as often as they should, and they often continue to use their hand towels for weeks at a time if not longer. Well, even though you can’t see them, every time you are drying or wiping off your hands you are getting a lot of dirt, grime, bacteria, and water into your towel, which stays there.

So whenever you dry your hands on the towel again, you are cleaning your hands, but also wiping your hands on all the stuff you’ve dried on that towel before. Like with all other ways of exposing yourself to germs, there is a chance you can get sick from exposure to a dirty towel. Washing your hand towels at least once a week with your other clothes and items, will help to remove the grossest germs.

While it can be tempting to make your hand towel a multipurpose towel that cleans up all sorts of spills, you would be best served to only use your hand towel to dry your hands in your kitchen or bathroom.

Use The Right Type Of Hand Towel

If the type of hand towel you are using matters, how do you know what type of hand towel is the ‘right’ one? Well, the type of hand towel you are using is going to be the right one. Since there is such a large number of towel materials for hand towels, you will want to see what you need out of a towel.

Are you using one in the bathroom where you need to absorb a lot of water and dry quickly? Do you want a towel that will feel good on your hands? Or do you want one that will be tough and stand up to quite a lot of use? The answer to these questions is going to determine the type of hand towel that will work for you, and that will be the right type of hand towel for your needs.

The type of hand towel you use matters, not just in its physical attributes, but also with how clean it is and how often you wash it. If you wash with a clean hand towel that meets all your needs, then that’s the perfect hand towel for you.


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