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Don’t Put off Getting into Shape – Why There’s No Time Likethe Present to Start

Don’t Put off Getting into Shape – Why There’s No Time Likethe Present to Start

One of the biggest reasons people tend to claim when putting off getting into shape is it’s not the right time! Yet, when it comes to shaping up and improving fitness levels, the time is always right now.

Our health is a priority, not an after thought. We only get one life, and it’s up to us to ensure that we do what we can to make it a long, happy and indeed healthy one.

While none of us know what’s waiting for us around the corner, we are all capable oftaking the matter of our health into our hands and doing something to ensure we look after ourselves.

So, if you find yourself regularly referring to the following two excuses, you may want to begin rethinking you overall outlook to your health.

Biggest Most Common Excuse: I Don’t Have Enough Time in My Day!

If you believe you don’t have any spare time to work out, take a closer look at your schedule and highlight where you spend every single hour of the day.

We all have the same number of hours in a day – that is 24 – but how you choose to utilize these hours is entirely up to you. However, when we break down our days, many of us will be surprised to find an extra hour here or there which we aren’t currently employing!

With gyms open 24/7, running and walking free of charge and accessible at any time of the day, exercise DVDs vast and home exercise equipment cheaper to purchase – the possibilities are endless. Alternatively, look at a work out timetable which offers help for schedules that won’t be able to commit long-term just yet or a plan to lose 10kg in a month, for example.

This way if you really can only devote just a few weeks to shaping up, at least you start off on the right track and give yourself a good grounding. This allows you to modify your actions after the selected time but still implement albeit a smaller allocated period to your workouts. At least it means doing something rather than nothing!

Second Most Common Excuse: I Get Bored Easily!

We all have the tendency to get bored and therefore stray off course. In fact, it’s in our natural makeup to get bored every so often in life. However, if you find yourself not starting things such as workouts and exercise routines just because you believe you’ll get bored and wander off, then it’s essential you work on setting yourself some goals and targets beforehand.

If you have a low boredom threshold, you may be better off planning your workout time step by step and sometime in advance, making changes and adaptations where necessary. Look at mixing it up and implement different types of activities, sports, exercise, andworkouts into each calendar month. Thereby you reduce that feeling of dread each time you look at where you need to be next.

Additionally, add an incentive, perhaps for each week. Stay away fromfoodand drink rewards and instead look at treating yourself to something else you would enjoy, such as a new piece of clothing, a book, an electronic device or even a night out. Anything that excites you and makes you want to work towards is the perfect way to spur you on to get on with your workout and can, over time, increase the enjoyment of every session.



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