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Drugs Business in New York

Drugs Business in New York

New York is known for having some of the toughest laws on drugs in America. This state classifies substances like cocaine and heroin as well as the compounds used in their manufacture. Drug laws in this state are convoluted and complex because there are more than six different categories of drug possession felonies.

In terms of the controlled substances’ sale, New York has five different categories or degrees. For controlled substance sale in the fifth degree, the prosecution is required to prove that unlawful controlled substance sale happened with the knowledge that it’s a controlled substance. The law requires the prosecution to prove that a person intended to transfer the substance and was able to do so.

For all offense degrees, the prosecution is not required to prove that the defendant knew that the sale of a specific controlled substance amount occurred. Making an agreement or an offer to sell the substance can be enough proof of their intent and ability to commit this offense.

Selling Drugs in New York

Many people seek help from Addiction Resource drug rehabilitation programs to recover from addiction and start a healthy sober lifestyle. But in the past, they used to get their supplies from drug dealers that use the dark web to purchase synthetic heroin, opioids, and other drugs. This is an underground world where drugs are marketed using an online model similar to that of large online stores. As such, many drug users and people battling addictions in New York today buy addictive substances from the local dealers that purchase them online.

Over 200,000 drugs, both non-prescription and prescription are available in this underground world. The sites that sell drugs are full of pictures, promotions, reviews, and advertisements. Some people are even selling drugs in New York while in foreign countries.

The purchased drugs are shipped via regular mail in stealth packaging. Drug dealers are aware of what custom agents check. Therefore, they know how to circumvent custom checks. Once in New York, drugs are distributed in the streets by the local dealers.

More People Struggling with Substance Abuse Problem

If you are a resident of New York, you might know at least one drug dealer. One common thing about drug dealers is that they are very difficult to even speak to. A simple transaction can involve code words, secret meetings, and references. Discussions that surpass the immediate business are delegated into the small talk’s realm and rendered meaningless. But, people still manage to buy and abuse illicit drugs in New York.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there were about 3,224 overdose deaths that involved opioids in New York in 2017. Synthetic opioids were involved in 2,238 deaths. Heroin was involved in1, 356 deaths while prescription opioids were involved in about 1,044 deaths. Every year, over 1700 people die from alcohol-related causes in New York.

Many opioids overdoses, including prescription painkillers and heroin, are preventable. In most cases, overdoses occur within 1 to 3 hours following the use of the drug. 

It is estimated that 416,000 New York City residents smoke marijuana. The total number of admissions to rehab centers for individuals listing cannabis as their main addiction has increased astronomically. Marijuana is widely available and its demand is high in New York.

This state is also suffering the horrific opioid crisis’ effects that are sweeping across the U.S. Both illicit and prescription opioids are easy to access across New York. However, prescription opioids are more readily available in the Empire State.

The Centers for Disease Control reported that 42 in every 100 people in New York had opioid medications’ prescription in 2016. 2,316 people in New York died from opioid overdoses in the same year. This rate was among the highest death rates related to opioid overdose in the U.S. However, healing and recovery are possible even with these troublesome statistics. If you or a loved one is struggling with any addiction, New York has many rehabs that can help.

Addiction Recovery in New York

There is a thriving underground drug business in New York. This business is responsible for the increasing rates of drug abuse in this state. Heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and prescription drugs are the most abused drugs in New York.

In 2014, 79,295 individuals were admitted for abusing heroin while 42,289 people were admitted for marijuana addiction. 18,405 individuals sought treatment for addiction to prescription drugs in different rehab facilities in NY.14, 770 people sought treatment for smoked cocaine addiction while 8,461 were admitted for abusing cocaine in other ways.

New York has different types of rehab centers. These include state-sponsored services that provide drug treatments as a way of countering the substance abuse problem. The available rehabilitation facilities help individuals recover from addiction to different substances including alcohol.

The 2010 New York State Department of Health report indicates that over 10% of residents aged 12 years and above struggle with a substance abuse problem annually. Around 2 million people in New York struggle with a substance abuse problem. About 150,000 New Yorkers are adolescents below the age of 17 years.

Many people seek treatment for cocaine, heroin, alcohol, and marijuana in rehab centers. But, alcohol and drug addiction do not end after completing a treatment program in a rehab center. Recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction is an ongoing process. For this process to be possible, the best rehab centers in NY offer long-term recovery resources. Their goal is to help patients achieve and sustain their sobriety.

Choosing the Right Facility

Selecting the right rehab facility is a fundamental step towards recovery. It’s particularly important to choose a rehab that suits your needs. You can choose an inpatient or an outpatient facility. The choice depends on whether you want to be around your loved ones or away from them when undergoing treatment. No matter what you choose, make sure that the choice works best for you depending on your individual needs.

New York has a thriving drug business that is done using the dark web. This is an underground world where drugs are sold online. The use of code words, secret meetings, as well as websites full of pictures and promotions makes netting drug dealers challenging. This has led to an increasing number of people battling the substance abuse problem. Nevertheless, there are many drug rehab centers where people get help with substance abuse problems. 


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