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Dry Ice Blasting- Alternative to Conventional Blasting Media

Dry Ice Blasting- Alternative to Conventional Blasting Media

Dry ice blasting is also referred to as dry ice cleaning, dry ice dusting, carbon dioxide blasting and environmentally sustainable cleaning. It offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for industries that aim to maximise production quality and capability.

Dry ice cleaning is similar to soda and sand blasting that are characterised by media being accelerated within pressurised air streams to clean or prepare a surface but this is the only similarity between the processes. Rather than hard and abrasive media that grinds and damages surfaces, accelerated soft dry ice is used in dry ice blasting to remove undesirable items form underlying substrates.

Aspects of Dry Ice Blasting

  • Ongoing technological advances have resulted in the evolution of dry ice blasting as an increasingly affordable and practical alternative to conventional cleaning methods like water, soda or sand blasting as well as cleaning manually with solvents.
  • Dry ice blasting is utilised within various applications that range from cleaning situations that are sensitive such as the removal of flux from circuit boards to extensive sanitation tasks like extracting slag from an automotive assembly rail.
  • Dry ice blasting also constitutes a variety of applications in plastics, molded products, food processing, automotive, aerospace, printing, contractual cleaning and general maintenance along with other industries. There are various benefits that can be gained from using dry ice for cleaning purposes.

Fast and Effective

In comparison to using wire brushes and solvents for manual cleaning, dry blasting reduces cleaning time and subsequently lowers costs. Dry ice blasting enables you to effectively clean equipment. Industries no longer have to disassemble and reassemble large complicated machinery. This minimizes downtime, reduces labour costs and increases productivity.

Dry Process

Dry ice is converted into carbon dioxide upon contact and this facilitates a dry process. Dry ice is safe and non-conductive, making it the ideal solution for electrical applications when using water is not permitted or advisable.

Minimising Waste

The clean up from traditional cleaning methods is often worse than the actual cleaning. Dry ice deals with this problem by getting rid of secondary waste. The job is performed by dry pellets and they disappear, which eliminates the high costs of disposal that are linked to other materials.


Dry ice is non-abrasive and cleaning will not damage production equipment or sensitive parts. This extends the lifespan of equipment and reduces the possibility of malfunctioning products.

Safe and Environmentally Sustainable

The environmentally sound and green process of dry ice cleaning utilises small recycled carbon dioxide pellets for the purpose of cleaning surfaces. The pellets directly turn from solid to gas while the cleaning process takes place. Trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide gas and this turns into plant growth or carbon and oxygen.

  • Dry ice cleaning provides a green recycling solution. It does not produce hazardous wastes or contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases. The process is safe when basic safety precautions are put in place.
  • Ozone-depleting chemicals are not used and the process does not facilitate exposure to harmful compounds.
  • Using dry ice blasting is helpful for companies that seek to accomplish sustainability objectives. It has several superior and unique benefits over conventional blasting media.



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