It was upon graduation in 2015 that Sprouse realized his true passion for brewing, having spent the better part of his college career experimenting with different mead formulations and perfecting his recipes at NYU. Working within the relatively small world of mead, Sprouse developed his distinct recipes through trial and error in the small confines of his dorm room. With Brochu on the west coast and many samples of mead traveling back and forth, their distinct recipe was crafted. Sprouse’s understanding of the business of distilling came as a result of a job working at Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn, which would eventually inspire the creation of All-Wise Meadery.

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After buying a home brewing kit as a gift for his father, Brochu quickly developed his own interest in brewing, beginning with beer and moving to experiments with anything and everything that could be fermented – from beer to kombucha and cider -eventually homing in on his passion for mead.
His dedication to the world of food, wine and spirits extends to experience working in a wine shop, and other bars and restaurants over the years. With All-Wise, Brochu aims to open up the world of mead with an authentic, nuanced and welcoming product.

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Born in the Bronx, Kwan was raised in Montgomery, Alabama returning to New York to study economics at NYU (though he remains an avid Crimson Tide fan). It was in the freshmen dorms that he met Sprouse, immediately connecting over their mutual interest in spirits and brewing. Soon after deciding to build a business with All-Wise, Sprouse introduced Kwan and Brochu, and the All-Wise founding trio was complete. In addition to his interest in finance and investments, Kwan is a skilled poker player, an avid eSports fan and has placed in a number of Texas Hold’em tournaments.