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E-Bikes – History’s Most Environment-Friendly Form of Transportation

E-Bikes – History’s Most Environment-Friendly Form of Transportation

Most enthusiastic bike riders in the major cities choose traveling to work by car to avoid being sweaty by the time they reach office. Cyclists in cities like Los Angeles especially face this, greeted by long routes and hot streets that lack shade.

More and more people consider electric bikes best option at a time when cities are struggling to control emissions and combat traffic too, is a viable solution to both problems. However, ridership has not yet gained popularity in North American cities. They lag far behind many western European countries that are recording exponential growth in the sales of e-bikes annually.

Barriers to the Adoption of E-Bikes

In North America, e-bike adoption faces legislative barriers. Few rules consider e-bikes like mopeds rather than pedal bikes, banning them from boarding public transportation or using bike lanes. A lack of proper infrastructure also adds to the troubles of bike riders who cannot battle car traffic.

The e-bikes have witnessed a drop in the cost over time. However, it still remains out of reach for many consumers. The biggest hurdle of all is social acceptance. Most people still see bikes as a recreational athletic component and not as a practical option for transportation. E-bikes have also received some heat from cyclists, who believed that the motor removed all the exercise in pedaling, and that it is cheating to opt for such a boost.

E-Bikes Become More Accessible

The adoption of e-bikes has been hindered by several legislative factors in North America. In many places, the legislative has aimed to encourage the use of e-bikes by differentiating them from mopeds and cycles legally. This allows their use on the bike paths.

E-bikes have also become easily accessible to the customers as they are available easily in bike shops these days. Further, the price of these e-bikes has dropped significantly over time. Organizations advocating cycling have also backed the use of e-bikes to help cyclists ride farther and faster.

Many people, especially older riders view the e-bikes as a great idea that can help them in maintaining their speed and endurance, helping them to ride smoothly in spite of their age. Bike-sharing programs have also incorporated e-bikes to their fleets, attempting to tempt potential riders who fall back due to the physical demands of cycling.

With technological advancements, legislative breakthroughs and the declining prices; commuters who are troubled with the clogging traffic should be definitely supporting the adoption of e-bikes. There is definitely a place for e-bikes in the transport system, only if everyone gets on board.


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