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Easy DIY Bathroom Renovation & Makeover Ideas For A Budget

Easy DIY Bathroom Renovation & Makeover Ideas For A Budget

The number of people opting to renovate their own homes is higher than ever before! With simple video guides for just about anything available on YouTube, inspiration from Pinterest, a wealth of blogs and forums filled with information and the cost of living increasing, remodelling your own home may be a viable option for you.

But a complete remodel of a full bathroom can be an enormous and costly undertaking that might not be necessary. We’ve created a list of cheap renovation ideas for a DIY enthusiast to freshen up their bathroom and help add value to their property.

Change Up the Colour Scheme

One of the simplest techniques you can use to breathe life into your bathroom is to update the colour scheme. Avoid bright, garish colours and interior design fads, especially in a smaller bathroom. Opt for simple colours like white, grey or pastel shades.

A fresh coat of a well-suited paint will instantly improve your bathroom. It’s also extremely cost-effective and quick to complete.

When choosing your paint, ensure the option you pick is suitable for bathrooms and high-moisture environments. This will prevent the build-up of mould, keeping the paint fresher for longer.

Add A Feature Wall

Adding a wall mural in a bathroom creates an instantly eye-catching feature. With the huge selection of styles and designs available including animals, coastal images and cities, creating your dream bathroom theme is simple.

Murals from Icon are specially developed to be breathable. This means they’re well-suited to high-moisture conditions found in bathrooms.

Make sure the mural you select matches with the paint scheme of the bathroom for the perfect look.

Refresh Grout & Sealant

Even with regular cleaning, the grouting and sealant in your bathroom have a limited lifespan. They’re susceptible to mould and mildew and general wear and tear.

After thoroughly cleaning these areas, you can either repair damaged sections or completely replace them if required. This will instantly make revive your tiling, making it look as good as new.

Add A Large Mirror

An old but reliable interior design trick, mirrors can be used to make a space seem bigger than it is. This is a useful tip for a bathroom as they’re typically one of the smallest rooms in the house.

Use an oversized mirror on a clear wall to open up your space. If this isn’t above your sink, add a second mirror as appropriate to add more space and light.

When selecting your mirror, choose a design that suits your theme. You can match the bathroom fixtures for the best result.

Vinyl Rather Than Tile Floors

If you’re looking to update the flooring in your bathroom on a budget, a vinyl flooring instead of tiles will offer a much more reasonable option for you.

Vinyl flooring has seen some great advancements over recent years, especially in terms of style and quality. Designs are available with the appearance of tiles as well as more unique options.

Vinyl flooring is also significantly easier and quicker to install. This makes it a great option if you’re on a tight timeframe or have basic DIY skills.

Upcycle Where Possible

Upcycling is a term for when an old item is used and transformed to create a higher quality item. Upcycling aspects of your bathroom can help cut down on costs and reduce unnecessary waste. Several aspects of a bathroom can be upcycled during a remodel.

You could use tile paint to repaint the existing tiling on a wall. This allows you to change the colour theme and cover up any outdated tiles.

You could also update a bath, sink or shower simply by replacing the taps or the shower head. This is a great option if your fixture is in a good condition but could do with brightening up.

Another option for upcycling is to replace the top and doors of any unit. This gives you the option of keeping the basic structure but restyling the appearance.

Add Some Cheap Storage Options

Having plenty of storage options in a bathroom is a definite must.  A great way of adding additional storage is to install shelves in wasted space such as above the toilet.

You could also add hooks to the bathroom door for additional hanging space for towels and dressing gowns.

Switch the Shower Curtain

A quick and easy way to improve the aesthetic and functionality of your bathroom is to replace a shower curtain with a glass panel. A glass panel has a cleaner and more mature look to a shower curtain. It’s also easy to keep clean, simply wipe away moisture after use.

Go Green

Although the upfront expenditure will be much greater, adding eco-friendly items can help you save money in the long run. Environmentally friendly toilets, sinks and showers save water and cut down on your energy costs.

When replacing any aspect of your bathroom, look at the eco-friendly alternatives to see how much they could save you.

When renovating your bathroom, little improvements can go a long way. Small and well thought out updates can completely transform a toilet, improving both its look and functionality.

Like with all DIY projects, plan out your full design before jumping in. This will help you stay on track and avoid the likelihood of overspending on your budget.


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