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Easy Steps to Make Your Instagram Popular

Easy Steps to Make Your Instagram Popular

Instagram is a popular social platform that allows people to connect with friends and family. It’s a great place for sharing funny videos and pictures. Instagram is the fastest growing social network that is particularly popular among content creators, business people, and celebrities. Its engagement rate is higher than that of other social networks. 

But to reach out to a larger crowd, you need techniques and tips for attracting more followers and likes. Basically, everybody wants to become popular on Instagram and this makes competition quit stiff. So, how do you become popular on Instagram? Well, some people buy active Instagram followers (click here) to become popular on this platform without sweating. However, there are steps you can follow to make your Instagram popular. These steps are as follows. 

Step 1: Create a Great Instagram Profile 

The first step is to set up a great profile and build an awesome Instagram feed. People won’t follow your Instagram profile if it has low quality images. If you intend to showcase your exceptional photography skills, post amazing photos. It’s better not to post anything than post a poor quality photo. Therefore, start by uploading 15 to 20 of your most amazing images. 

If you do not have them now, start by working on that. Ideally, you should post eye-catching photos when starting out. Create images whose composition is excellent. People will be interested in following you if you create dramatic and stunning photos. 

Work on the settings of your camera or use advanced camera applications. You can also edit photos before you post on Instagram. Also note that some photos do well than others when posted on Instagram. For instance, you are likely to get more likes when you post beach photos, sunsets, silhouettes, and reflections than when you post portrait photos. Focus on posting what people want to see. 

Step 2: Make Your Instagram Noticed 

After setting up an awesome Instagram profile and posting photos, make sure that people notice your profile and photos. Focus on attracting the attention of every Instagram user. Start by making your feed public. To do this, tap the profile Settings icon close to the top right corner of the screen. Click on Account Privacy and turn off the Private Account slider. 

Compose a bio that describes you while motivating Instagram users to follow you. Your goal should be to get more Instagram followers as well as comments and likes on your photos. You can start by reaching out to current followers and friends on other social media platforms. You can post something or send a message that invites family and friends to follow you. Use hashtags when posting photos to ensure that they show up on hashtag feeds. 

Step 3: Engage Instagram Followers 

Keep your followers engaged and happy. Build relationships with followers to make the experience better for everyone. What’s more, post regularly to ensure that people don’t forget you. Your followers look forward to seeing your photos. Therefore, keep posting quality photos with valuable and intriguing captions to meet their expectations. For instance, you can ask questions, tell stories of the pictures you post, or even add useful tips in relation to the images. 

Finally, respond to questions and comments of your followers. Be nice to them and focus on establishing lasting relationships. 


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