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Easy Ways to Learn More About Your Inner Self

Easy Ways to Learn More About Your Inner Self

Even if you’ve always felt a strong connection to your identity or sense of self, we all have moments where we feel a little out of touch. Whether you’re considering a totally new career move, a change in your relationship, or if you just need to figure out what exactly you want out of life—know that this is all totally normal.

No matter how old you are or how much experience you have, you can’t predict when this feeling of disconnectedness is going to come up, or how long it’s going to last. But the good news is, there are plenty of ways you can learn more about yourself and regain that strong connection once again. Here are some useful tips to help you make sense of this journey we call life.

When in doubt, write it out

Sometimes just taking a moment of reflection to sort through your thoughts is all you need to help you put things into perspective. And if words aren’t really your thing, buy a sketchbook and do some soul searching as you create something beautiful! If you need some inspiration, head out to your local park and gather some ideas from the art around you.

Learn something new, about you

Did you know that you can actually see how others around you see you? It’s called your aura—it’s the cast of internal energy that surrounds you. This energy represents how your mood, emotional state, and identity is expressed to others. Now you can’t see your own aura just by looking in the mirror. You’ll actually have to buy a kirlian camera if you want to get an intimate view of your energy. This picture can help you identify how the world around you experiences your energy, which can give you the knowledge to adjust your energy to reflect a more positive energy. Or, take this information as it is and own your aura as a part of what makes you, you!

Think about what you want from life

If you’re feeling a bit uninspired or unfulfilled with your day to day routine, why not make a change today? Take some time to figure out what’s important to you in life. Is it family and friends? Adventure? A career? Or maybe it’s your insatiable sense of wanderlust? Once you figure out what drives your passion for life, make sure you’re incorporating it as much as you can.

Embrace being outside of your comfort zone

We learn the most when we’re experiencing something that’s totally new. When we’re challenged with a stressful situation or are confronted with unknown variables, we’re forced to think outside of the box and grow. So how do you force yourself into a situation that’s new to you? Here are a few ideas to spark your sense of adventure and put your personal development in motion.

  • Travel: Traveling alone is one of the most valuable opportunities you can give yourself. Besides learning more about a new place, you can make local connectionsexplore new sights, and indulge in a dose of wanderlust!
  • Do something scary: Now we’re not talking about haunted houses here—but who says it can’t count? What we really mean though, is do something that challenges you and your perspective. Whether that’s skydiving, running a half marathon, or expressing your feelings, is totally up to you. Just make sure that whatever it is, it’s something that will help you grow.

Lend a helping hand

When you’re looking for ways to learn more about you, it’s easy to get wrapped up in well—you. But one of the best ways to learn about yourself is by helping others. Not only does this experience help you put things into perspective, but it also can help give you a greater sense of purpose. Next time you’re looking for ways to look deeper within, think about lending a helping hand to a person in need by volunteering at a local organization.


You can’t really buy a step-by-step guide on how to find yourself, because it’s different for everyone. Think of this article as a guideline to help you in your process as you identify what works for you and what doesn’t. And finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help; we’ve all been there!

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