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Easy Ways to Make Your Twitch Stream Great

Easy Ways to Make Your Twitch Stream Great

Whether you’re looking to grow your Twitch stream for professional reasons, or just because you want to make more friends, there are some fantastic ways to do so. 

As you very likely already know, Twitch is the largest online video game streaming platform in the world. Not only is it a fantastic place for gamers to meet and make friends who are interested in the same kinds of gaming, it has also become a place where some can turn into full-blown celebrities. 

Many Twitch streamers make millions of dollars per year thanks to their skills as gamers and their lovable personalities. 

While it may seem unrealistic to have a goal of becoming a Twitch star, it has been proven time and time again to be a completely viable reality for many. 

So, if you are looking to grow your Twitch steam and build your audience – for whatever reason – there are some fantastic rules and tips to keep in mind! 

Set your goals 

If you want to take advantage of the great opportunities that Twitch provides, it is important that you do in fact treat it like a business. 

Set goals for yourself and make those goals known amongst your followers. Whether it’s number of subscribers, number of streams, or goals within a game, you want your fans to care. That way, it encourages them to get involved and encourage their friends and followers to check your page out as well! 

Stream consistently and frequently – and advertise your schedule

Somewhere prominently on your page, you need to make it clear when you will be streaming and for how long. Ideally, you will be treating this work like a full-time job, streaming for hours at a time. 

The most important thing to display on your page is when you will be starting. That makes it possible for yours fans to log on and check out what game you’re playing and what you’re talking about on your page. 

Make your page unique and personal 

There are great ways to make your Twitch page stand out. Whether it is getting personalized images and logos made for you page, or using hilarious soundbites for new notifications on your page. 

If you’re looking to add soundbites to your page, Blerp the search engine for sound bites is a fantastic place to start! 

Follow the stars’ lead

If you are looking for great ideas when it comes to improving your page, consider doing some market research in order to figure out what the pros are doing. 

If you are lucky, you might even start to interact with the stars that you follow. That may lead them to interact with you and promoting your page. That right there could be enough to take your page over the edge and lead to you gaining hundreds or thousands of new followers! 

Share your gaming knowledge

One great way to make sure fans come – and stay – on your page is to show off your expertise as a gamer. That will make your followers feel that they are not only being entertained, but also educated! 


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