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Effective Business Promotion on a Limited Budget to Boost Brand Visibility

Effective Business Promotion on a Limited Budget to Boost Brand Visibility

As per HubSpot, a shortage of budgeting resources is the third most important marketing challenge for businesses. Unless you are running a startup with an angel or venture capital, you are most likely having a limited budget for meeting your marketing and business promotion goals and aspirations.

As per recent article by Huffington, it is quite difficult to be the owner of a small business, especially at times when you require staying updated and abreast with all the latest strategies, algorithm updates, and trends in marketing. Let us explore some effective marketing and business promotion tips on a truly limited marketing budget.

Consider Going Guerilla

Guerilla marketing focuses on leveraging creativity, originality, and imagination instead of an impressive budget. Small businesses with budgetary constraints are used to implementing guerilla marketing techniques for competing with business giants. There is certainly no dearth of imaginative and innovative guerilla marketing ideas. For instance, you could use any of the following tactics:

  • If you are running a physical business, hire somebody to come up with attractive art with chalk.
  • If you are selling an item that could be utilized on the street, hire some undercover agents for promoting your product to your potential customers directly.
  • Consider organizing a flash mob for garnering crowd attention and promoting brand awareness.

Be Authentic & Personal in Your Communication

Keeping social media in mind, all your marketing communications would benefit if done on a personal level. People would be happy to participate if they could see a flesh and blood person behind the brand. Newsletters are in vogue as they come with a personal touch. 

Use Lanyards & Flyers

Custom lanyards are regarded as a low-budget affordable investment but are known for attracting maximum ROI. We know that brand identity can make or break your business. Your brand identity could be given a huge boost if your employees wear custom lanyards containing your logo and contact information every day at the workplace or even on special occasions such as conferences, seminars, and trade shows, etc.  You could hope to reinforce your brand identity across a wide area if your staff dons the customized lanyards. Custom lanyards are a great way of generating some awareness and creating a buzz. Moreover, flyers are a tried and tested business promotion technique. You could use flyers to directly promote and market your brand or business. Printed materials with your company logos and contact information work wonders for your brand awareness and brand identity. Browse reputed sites such as to learn more.

Socialize Actively on Social Media

As per recent study in UK by Entrepreneurhandbook, when you set up your business profile on FB, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, you should provide a good description, apt keywords and even incorporate a link to your website into your bio. You must join conversations and groups that discuss your kind of services or products but avoid spamming with constant promos. Be socially active to build robust business relationships. 

Marketing is critical to the success of a business. You must have realized that you could use the above-mentioned techniques and promote your business despite budgetary constraints. You just have to be creative and fresh in your approach. 

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