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Efficient Home Remedies to Help Your Baby’s Teething Pains

Efficient Home Remedies to Help Your Baby’s Teething Pains

Seeing your baby suffering from the teething pain they feel is a difficult situation, some of home remedies will help babies get warm while they are in pain.

It is a tough situation to watch your child go through growth pains with the incessant crying and the extreme discomfort they experience, especially during baby teeth development. No wonder there are so many teething remedies that have been passed on from generations to generations of mothers to help them bring a little comfort to the baby, when they are in pain.

Although many of these traditional teething remedies effect each child differently, there are some solutions that have proven to be most effective to help with baby teeth eruption pains. Few of these are:

Cold Compression

Cold and pressure both work quite well to reduce pains during baby teeth development, and there are some convenient ways you can use cold compression on your child’s gums:

– Breast milk ice cubes: An easy method is to freeze some breast milk in your icetray and tie it in a soft, clean and big piece of cloth that the baby can keep on chewing.

– Frozen fruit or vegetable pieces: If your child has started eating solids, then giving them a frozen piece of vegetable or fruit will help keep them occupied in chewing and numb the gums to relieve the pain

Please be careful to check that the baby doesn’t choke on any of these things.

Chewable Toys & Jewelry

There are a lot of chew toys available in the market, but not all of them are safe for your children. Be careful while you pick up a toy and it is best to choose something that is natural like an unpainted maple wood ring or toy. Again, it is essential to make sure the size of the toy is big enough so that the child cannot swallow it.

There are chewable beads and other kind of jewellery that you can wear when you know your child is teething, so they can grab it and give it a go while you are holding them. Alternately, you could also use Baltic amber jewellery as an option, which you can get your child to wear as a necklace or bracelet. This has natural healing properties in the form of succinic acid, which is released through body heat, gets absorbed into the skin of the baby, and helps in reducing the pain.

Healing Tea & Oils

Natural ingredients like chamomile, clove, and ginger have healing properties and can be used on the gums of the baby, as a tea, or direct extracts rubs mixed with coconut or any other carrier like olive oil.

Applying a little bit of pressure while rubbing these on the baby’s gums a few times every day, is sure to help soothe their pain and get them to relax.

Staying Vigilant is Key

As parents, you would always want to try and ensure your child is happy and smiling, and we hope that some of these teething remedies prove helpful to relieve your baby’s pain. However, it is very important that you keep a vigilant eye when trying out a home remedy or anything new on your child. If you see any signs of increased or severe discomfort, please consult your physician immediately.


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