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Eight Factors you Need to Consider Before Installing a Hardwood Floor

Eight Factors you Need to Consider Before Installing a Hardwood Floor

Are you considering sprucing up your home and changing the inner décor? In addition, are you also thinking about changing the floors in your home?

When you invest in flooring of high quality, it will give you long-term benefits. They are able to add a sense of timeless elegance and simple beauty to any room they are installed in, and can be a wise decision if you are thinking about remodeling your home or buying a house. They are also capable of lasting for many years, so choosing the correct hardwood floor for your specific requirements is very important.

However, that does not mean they are inexpensive to maintain – they are particularly vulnerable to scratching, and excessive moisture levels can damage them extensively due to rotting. Before installing them in your home, there are some factors you need to consider to make sure you are making the best decision. Here are some of them.







Consider the interiors of your home

Before you decide on the kind of wood floor you want, it is important to think about the interiors of your house. T3hat also includes the furniture, such as your cabinets trim work, door casings, as well as numerous design elements that take into account the wood properties and its color. This will ensure the floor does not look out of place in your home.

A good example would be creating a modern aesthetic look by combining maple floors with modernized home settings. In another example, the use of darker wood such as hickory and oak together with lighter pieces will go very well to create a traditional setting.

If you are not sure on what to choose, an interior designer can assist you in making the right choices, but you can always come up with your own twist on things to give interesting outcomes.

The type of subfloor

All floors have subfloors, and this is an important consideration when you want to choose a hardwood floor aesthetic. You can decide on engineered floors or solid wood, depending on the result.

The most common types of subflooring is concrete slabs, particle boards, and plywood. The most versatile of these is plywood, as you can do both engineered and solid wood on it.

If your subfloor is of particle boarding, you will need to install plywood before adding engineered or solid wood afterwards. A subfloor of concrete slabs will require you to install plywood before installing a solid wood floor, but they work well with engineered wood. 








The sections that require installation of hardwood

Not all forms of hardwood floors dallas will not go well with every section in your house, so you need to think carefully about the area where you are installing them. for instance, engineered wood goes well for spaces below the ground level such as basements, and you must avoid using solid wood in these areas.

The main reason forthis is that solid wood does not do very well in areas below ground level, as the rise of moisture from beneath the ground will lead to serious problems.

Finishing and staining choices

There is a reason why they are popular – they are very beautiful when they are in their natural form. The problem is when they begin to stain, something that inevitably happens as they continue staying in your home. Stains will change the color of the wood, and the grain patterns of the wood start to appear.

It is important to maintain them by polishing them using various finishes, as this will reduce the chances of the floor becoming dirty and reducing the aesthetic appeal of the wood. You can apply finishes to all kinds of hardwood floors, so the ultimate choice you make will depend on your style preferences.

Your lifestyle

It is additionally important to consider the impact of wear and tear on the floor when you choose it. For instance, if your home is the center for most parties, or you have pets in your house, then you need to choose a species of wood that is hardy and resistant to scratches. For cases such as these, the best choice you can make is red oak wood, as it is reasonable in terms of pricing and hard enough to withstand most damages.

Putting the cost into account

The overall cost of hardwood floors is a combination of the initial installation cost, as well as the cost of maintaining the floor. This will also depend on the number of years you plan to stay there.

It is important to think about whether you want to refurbish the floor during the time period you will stay there, and the chances of you replacing your furniture with options that suit the floor best. In addition, you need to also think about the costs of removing and disposing the old floor, as well as establishing whether it is included with installing the new floor.

The species you will use

There are several species of trees that are usedto make hardwood floors, and they all have their own unique characteristics, patterns in their grains, as well as other variations that make them unique. In case you need guidance on that, you can check the American Hardwood Information center, where the differences between different woods are explained in depth. This will help you to make a correct decision based on your needs.







The scope of natural daylight

You may not think much of it when you are selecting your flooring, but it is good to consider the impact of natural lighting, as well as using the colors of your walls to create harmony with the flooring.

When they are out of sync with each other, the end result will fail to look pleasing, so this is an important factor to consider as it will spoil or enhance the overall look. If the house has several windows that let in a lot of natural light, consider using darker floors to create contrast, and vice versa.

Final thoughts

It is important to choose a hardwood floor that suits your needs. It may seem complicated, but when the floor looks good, as well as being durable, it will give you a lot of satisfaction knowing you made the right choice.

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