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Electric Wheelchairs – Adding Disability Friendly Accessibility Mobility for Disabled People

Electric Wheelchairs – Adding Disability Friendly Accessibility Mobility for Disabled People

Physical disability is a tough situation to manage lifelong! The life of disabled patients is laden with challenges. One of the most crucial problems is that of mobility. It is where the electric or the motorized wheelchair comes in handy. It helps people with disabilities to move around from one place to the other, at an indoor setting.

What is an electric wheelchair?

An electric or motorized wheelchair is also called a power chair. It’s a wheelchair with an inbuilt electric motor. It runs on the electric instead of manual power. It is perfect for people who find a manual wheelchair extremely limiting. Also, for people who need to be on a wheelchair and move distances, a manual wheelchair wouldn’t fit the bill. Furthermore, it gets used by individuals having the conventional mobility impairments as well as the ones having fatigue or cardiovascular based ailments that restrict their mobility to some extent.

The power chair comes with a unique seating, leg and arm resting needs. The electric wheelchair has similar technology like that of a mobility scooter. Do you want to know more on the new age electric wheelchairs? If yes, you can browse online and check out websites like and many more. It will help you know essential facts regarding the construct and use of the power chairs.

Benefits of an electric wheelchair

An electric wheelchair comes with several benefits over the conventional wheelchairs. Some of the essential advantages are as follows:

  • Electric wheelchairs are 25% more compact in comparison to traditional wheelchairs
  • More security and stability than the three-wheel scooters
  • You can remove both the seat cover and seat
  • Has a low maintenance cost
  • Can be serviced easily without any hassle
  • Comes with an advanced electric technology
  • You can get the parts that you want to replace
  • Makes use of elegant design along with dual wheel brushless engines
  • It is comfortable and convenient to use
  • Offers electric power without a steep price
  • You can place the wheelchair control stick on the right or left armrest

Selecting the correct electric wheelchair

An electric wheelchair is a partial solution to the ones who are physically disabled. It provides some mobility without manual intervention. Therefore, it is essential to select these chairs carefully. Today, there’s a variety that is available in the market. It is necessary to know the kind of electric wheelchairs available in the market. Then you can select the best one for you. Discussed below are the three popular types of electric wheelchairs you need to know and choose accordingly.

  1. The front wheel drive wheelchair

Here the driver device is situated at the front seat. Even the drive wheels get placed at the front. The casters are at the rear side. This type of power chairs can cross through the road bumps. The chair lacks a small turning radius. But still, it can manage the tight corners excellently. This power chair also offers a stable ride when the individual is moving downslope. For this, the battery gets placed on the chair rear side. Take extra care during high speeds. Else this power chair is known for its stability.

  1. The rear wheel drive wheelchair

Here the drive is located at the chair’s back side. The casters are at the front side. The drive system on the rear side provides it with good maneuvering capacity, at higher speeds. The turning radius is large. Therefore, it will take extra space to make its turns. This power chair is known for its directional stability. Hence, it can track straight automatically, making less impacted by over-steering. The power chair can maneuver well in outdoor and rough terrains.

  1. The mid-wheel drive wheelchair

It is also known as the center drive wheelchair. Here the driver device is situated at the middle of the wheelchair, beneath the seat. Such chairs are known for its tightest turning radius. So, if a person seated on it is at a mall, apartment or any other place where there’s crowd or limited space, this chair will move without hassles. This electric wheelchair is well suited for flat surface outdoors and indoors. It’s isn’t appropriate for rough terrains. You generally need a vehicle or a van to transfer this chair from one house or indoor location to the other. The weight capacities in which it’s available is still 600 lb.

Other types of wheelchairs available  

In addition to these three, there are a couple of different types of wheelchairs availablefor the disabled. You can browse through these as well when you are making a purchase. It will help you to select better.

  • The ergonomic wheelchairs

This type of wheelchair is foldable, and it comes with a lightweight frame. It also has seat frame with an “S” shape. It helps to relieve the body pressure and averts all the health issues associated with the bottom and lower back. This chair also has comfortable cushions that have an anti-microbial shield that secured one from odor and any stains. It also keeps away any unwanted impacts caused by fungus, bacteria and other micro-organisms.

  • The transport wheelchairs

It is also a foldable wheelchair and is apt for those disabled people who want a lightweight mobile frame. The rear size wheel is small and helps in smooth portability. The caregivers can propel this chair. It is because of this reason this wheelchair is often known as “companion chairs.” The average weight of these wheelchairs is anywhere between 18 and 29lbs. The chairs also come equipped with side panels, swing-leg rests as well as fixed and stable armrests.

  • The active wheelchairs

Also called a “Sports Wheelchair,” this wheelchair is perfect for people who want to be active despite their physical disability. These people usually enjoy sports and outdoor activities. The excellent height and seat adjustment are one of the best features of this wheelchair.

  • The recliner Wheelchairs

The reclining wheelchair has been designed to enable the individual to recline comfortably. The recline feature is completely safe and doesn’t stress the body. A few of these wheelchairs have an in-built elevated leg rest. And this feature is optional in case of few wheelchairs.

Keeping in the technological advancements, today you will be spoiled for choices regarding electric wheelchairs. However, it is always better to reach out to an experienced and decent service provider. The leading names today have an online presence today. So once you’ve decided which wheelchair type you want to source, you can browse online and make a purchase.


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