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EmTech Asia 2019 – Yerkin Tatishev Talks About The Power Of This Event

EmTech Asia 2019 – Yerkin Tatishev Talks About The Power Of This Event

Emtech Asia 2019 was held in Singapore from 22 to 23 January. The sixth annual event brought together enthusiasts, scientists, businessmen, thinkers, and industry pioneers all under one roof.

Held at Marina Bay Sands, the event proved to be as successful as previous years and is still being talked about.

Yerkin Tatishev: Big Supporter Of EmTech Asia 2019

Yerkin Tatishev, founder of the Kusto group, has always had a passion for technology and innovation, and if it was not for his bold vision, the Kusto group would not have reigned supreme in Vietnam with a market share of 16 percent.

He has a keen eye for talent in technology and enjoys working with passionate people. He believes that events like EmTech Asia can help companies find the right individuals while also giving participants a chance to grow and gain a foothold in the industry.

It can be very difficult for even the most talented candidates to approach CEOs and business leaders on their own; Events like these allow skilled people to showcase their abilities to those with hiring power.

Tatishev spoke positively about the event and how it helps businesses and individuals achieve their goals. The event awards “the 10 youngest and brightest innovators from the region who gather over two days to present their work to an audience of accomplished scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors.” Innovators under 35 years old from Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan were awarded at the event and had the opportunity to present their concepts and ideas to a large audience.

Yerkin Tatishev is one of those businessmen who never lets an opportunity pass. He sees Emtech Asia as a golden chance to find new and talented individuals for his company.

What Is So Special About Emtech Asia 2019?

This event is the land of opportunity; It allows scientists, entrepreneurs, individuals, and thinkers to come forward and speak their minds. The event is not for any specific country or industry and included over 40 speakers from around the world and across industries, including biotechnology and medicine, energy and sustainability, nanotechnology and materials, software, Artificial Intelligence and robotics. These are some of the most innovative industries with a huge potential and there is hope that future EmTech conferences will include other growing industries as well, such as construction and automobiles.

The truth is that technology is a part of every industry, and there is an ever-increasing need for innovation, especially due to shrinking resources. Events like these are encouraging people to improve how they work and to find better resolutions to problems.

This was the sixth EmTech event attended by over a thousand participants and included some of the most well-known pioneers – names such as Poppy Crum, Ersin Yumer, Jonah Myerberg, Kimberly Powell, Henk Rogers, Chris Mowry, Mike North, and Virginia Cha. The unique mix of talent gave people an incredible opportunity to present their ideas and receive the feedback and motivation they needed. 

EmTech Asia Is Good For Companies As Well

As pointed out by Tatishev, the event provides businesses a leg up in the game, being among the first to know about new and developing technologies. A large reason why the Kusto Group has become such a big name is because its CEO actively keeps up-to-date; Being technologically advanced not only serves businesses in reducing their costs; they also become better able to serve their clients.

While the exact figures are yet to be released, the event was a huge success, as is evident in the large number of attendees. 


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