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Energy Reconstruction With Healer Robert Gene Michels

Energy Reconstruction With Healer Robert Gene Michels

My name is Robert Gene Michels and I am a professional energy healer. I have created and developed the system of Energy Reconstruction. I know how to restore the body’s natural balance of energy, which has resulted in reduced anxiety and a reduction in your stress levels. Some of my clients include doctors, psychologist and other mainstream professionals. Energy reconstruction is based on scientific principles that include such discipline as quantum physics, biophoton research and neuropsychology. I have traveled all over the country providing energetic relief for people with chronic illnesses such as anxiety, cancer, accidents, injury and even mental and emotional problems, such as bipolar disorder. The results from energy reconstruction are nothing short of miraculous. Most of my clients are repeat clients, because each session builds on the last session in a cumulative  way.

Our world is a pressure cooker of stress, these days. It seems the harder we try to get ahead the more drained our energy becomes. The mental emotional and physical aspects become subject to an enormous amount of abuse as we try to figure out how to navigate our lives. As we try and keep our loved ones safe and pay our bills, the stress builds. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time left at the end of the day to keep going. We collapse at the end of the day, to wound up from activity to sleep. The result is we start the next day, totally exhausted.

Scientists have been saying for years that everything is energy. This includes your thoughts and your emotions. Every thought that you think and every emotion that you entertain, affects your body on an energetic and a physical level. Prolonged exposure to high levels of mental and emotional activity, put a great demand on our energy reserves. From a biological point of view, when under a great deal of stress your body reacts with a flight or fight syndrome. Flight or fight syndromes causes your energy to shift up to the heart center. The results in an increased heart rate and advanced levels of stress hormone production called cortisol. This conditioned reflex is nature’s way of keeping you safe during dangerous times. When your body is in this condition for prolonged periods of time, mental and emotional exhaustion combined with anxiety is the result. The way the medical profession treats this condition is with anti-anxiety medication. All drugs that are consumed by the human body affect the energy of the body. Sometimes medication is toxic to the body’s systems. Some people have even been known to have an adverse reaction or side effect to these medications, due to this.

Energy reconstruction provides a safe and natural alternative way of correcting the energy imbalances that have caused this situation. Correcting the imbalances in the electromagnetic field of an individual has a direct effect on the nervous system and biochemically stabilizes the entire human physiology.

How is Energy Reconstruction Administered?

Energy reconstruction is administered much in the same way as  acupressure, massage or Reiki. What makes energy reconstruction unique, is that it is designed to completely redesign the way your body’s energy flows through your energy field. The process balances your body’s polarity and removes the blockages that have thrown it out of balance, in the first place. It is essential for restoring a healthy balance to the body’s energy field.

Next, the body’s energy centers are charged with biophotons from a trained practitioner. Then the body’s energy field is synchronized and balanced to restore an even energy flow.

Health situations are addressed, after energy reconstruction has been completed and the body’s energy field has been restored, then healing energy can be maximized and utilized by the body in a more efficient maner.

Energy reconstruction is not a replacement for conventional medical treatment, but it is effective.


Rob developed his gifts after suffering a near death experience and a loss in the family in 1988. Clairvoyant and clairaudient, he has honed his skills for over twenty years and he is here to help. He is a nationally recognized metaphysician, psychic, and medical intuitive. He studied the science of spirituality as well as quantum physics and has developed an amazing new healing technique called ENERGY RECONSTRUCTION. In his career, Robert Gene Michels has helped people all over the United States in matters of relationships or career. Robert Gene uses energy healing as his new technique, and is performing healings and also training sessions nationwide. For more information about Energy Reconstruction, please check out the page dedicated to his new method or schedule a healing here

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