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Engaging professional cleaners is the right approach for keeping air ducts mold free

Engaging professional cleaners is the right approach for keeping air ducts mold free

Tackling the growth of molds in homes is often a big challenge for homeowners because of its health. Some small amount of mold growth can happen in kitchens and bathrooms, as these places have a hot and humid environment that is conducive to mold growth. While tackling mold growth at these places is not so difficult, the real problem arises in keeping air ducts of HVAC systems free from molds. Since the air ducts and vents have favorable conditions for mold growth, it is rampant on both the inside and the outside surfaces. Therefore, cleaning air ducts regularly is the only way to keep it free from molds to maintain healthy indoor air quality. However, due to reasons of accessibility, cleaning air ducts is not always easy, and you have to hire trained HVAC professionals for doing it.

Ascertain the extent of the problem

Molds are undoubtedly a threat to your home, but it does not mean that you would keep chasing molds around your house. As long as molds do not pose any signs and symptoms that show its effects on health, you could keep tolerating it. However, when the mold growth crosses the threshold level, you have to act fast before the problem aggravates and poses serious health problems.  For effective removal of mold in air ducts, follow the recommendations of EPA and engage professional mold removal specialists who can ensure that the mold does not grow again anytime very soon. However, if the mold growth is restricted within an area of 10 square feet and you have good access for cleaning it, you can try to do it yourself.

Doing it on your own

To remove molds as a DIY project, you have to prepare a homemade cleaning solution containing one teaspoonful of detergent and half a tablespoon baking soda mixed in a cup of water.  If the surface is non-porous, you can also use a solution of diluted bleach by combining it with water in the ratio 1:16.  If you buy some commercial solutions, insist for EPA approved products that ensure safety and better results.

Use safety goggles, a mask, industrial gloves, and an apron to protect your body from harmful exposure to molds.   Scrubbing the affected area with a wet cloth or soft brush by dipping it in the cleaning solution would help to remove molds. If the molds are too much persistent, it might require a few rounds of scrubbing. To ensure that molds do not come back, follow up the cleaning process by applying EPA approved inhibitors to the surface. Most importantly, dry the area after cleaning because moisture would help mold growth.

Air duct cleaning is special

Air ducts, which are usually located above the false ceilings, are not easy to access by homeowners.  It needs specially trained skilled personnel who can do a satisfactory cleaning according to EPA standards and can ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Since air ducts are most prone to molds, having a maintenance contract with an HVAC company would ensure timely inspection and cleaning that prevents mold growth.


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