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Enhance the Attraction and Value of Your Home by Undertaking a Bathroom Remodeling Project

Enhance the Attraction and Value of Your Home by Undertaking a Bathroom Remodeling Project

The appeal of a house depends to some extent on the bathroom even though it is not the focal point of the home. The appeal underlines the value of homes which becomes a significant factor when you are selling the property. Therefore, it is only reasonable that many homeowners undertake bathroom re-modeling or upgrade despite knowing that it would cost some good money.  Another reason for remodeling bathrooms is to stay tuned with the latest designs of sanitary ware and accessories because if a bathroom becomes ‘dated’ it can affect the overall appeal of homes. To realize the importance of the bathroom in a better way imagine that you are a home buyer. Just try to figure out how much importance you would attach to the bathroom in deciding to buy or not to buy any home.

For maintaining the most contemporary and modern looks of a bathroom that enhances the resale value of homes, remodeling is the best option. However, if you are cash-strapped yet want to give a makeover to the bathroom to improve its looks and appeal you can think of bathroom refinishing discussed in the later part of this article. When deciding whether to remodel bathrooms, the question arises about the justification of spending on bathroom upgrade when it is not among the most visible parts of the home.

Why is bathroom remodeling significant?

Many people do not see any value to choose the bathroom for renovation over some other parts of the home that are more prominently visible. Since you do not frequent the bathroom often and spend much less time in the bathroom than in the kitchen and living rooms, people usually give it less importance for upkeep and maintenance. As a result, over the years the bathroom has to endure neglect, and before long you would realize that the place has lost its shine and sheen and even makes it look quite dated. While you and your family might get used to it, if you are trying to sell the home, the bathroom with its antiquated looks, outdated linoleum and wallpaper could become a reason for the devaluation of your home. You would struggle to get the right price for your home.

As the home ages, to get a reasonable price for your home, you have to keep the bathroom updated with the latest style and design by remodeling it. It will not only make the bathroom look beautiful but also enhance the overall appeal and value of the home. You can go for bathroom upgrade only by consulting a reliable Santa Cruz plumber capable of handling bathroom remodeling projects but without renovating the entire house. It will surely give you an edge as a seller because your home becomes a hot property.

Make provision for bathroom remodeling

Since bathroom remodeling is so essential and involves heavy expenses, you must prepare for it in advance and make a habit of creating a fund by putting some money aside every month for many years. Expect that it might become necessary to overhaul the bathroom in 10 to 15 years. So, create a corpus for the project with regular monthly contributions so that you need not compromise on the quality of remodeling, no matter after how many years you do it. Most people keep deferring the project for want of money, but if you prepare early, it will be easy to undertake the project without thinking about funds as you have it already.

Make a renovation plan

Even though you might have arranged for funds, you have to spend judiciously to get value for money, and the home equity appreciates considerably. Be very clear in your objective regarding what you want to achieve, which items you want to replace and which you could manage with some minor upgrade. Do you want to completely overhaul the bathroom and replace the toilet, vanity, sink, etc. or you want to do it selectively and pay more attention to installing shelves and painting the walls? By answering these questions, you can create a blueprint for renovation with a focus on areas that you consider important. That should help to keep expenses under control and prevent unplanned spending that can hurt the budget.

Select a plumber for doing the job

For handling the bathroom renovation project, you need not look for builders and contractors but can entrust the task to some plumbing company that undertakes bathroom remodeling projects in addition to the regular plumbing jobs. Since a significant part of the renovation involves plumbing work, the plumbers are well equipped to handle such projects. Blending utility with luxury should be the goal of any bathroom remodeling project, and depending on your taste and budget you can select the items to make the bathroom look most stylish, elegant and attractive.

An alternative to bathroom remodel

Over the time, the bathroom usually starts looking dull because of discolored bathtubs, stained countertops, shower stain and damaged or malfunctioning faucets and sanitary ware.  The bathroom sink might also look like an antique piece. Although it might be ideal to renovate the entire bathroom, the lack of funds could be a deterrent for undertaking to remodel. However, there is another way to uplift the looks by going for bathroom refinishing that could bring back most of the lost appearance at a much lesser cost.

Bathroom refinishing

Bathroom refinishing consists of recovering and resealing your countertop and bathtub and replacing faucets and sanitary ware. If you have a tub that suffers from color fading and leaks occasionally, by refinishing you cannot only seal it thoroughly to prevent leakages but also refurbish the color and looks. You can change the color too.  This result in a sparkling new bathtub that looks new but you get it at a much-reduced price than what you had to pay if you had thought of replacing it. The same thing happens when you want to upgrade the countertop instead of replacing it.

Bathroom refinishing enhances the looks only but to change the style and make the bathroom look more contemporary remodeling is the only option.


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