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Ensuring Your Marketing Emails Reach Your Customers

Ensuring Your Marketing Emails Reach Your Customers

One of the most frustrating things to discover when carrying out email marketing is that your emails are not being received by their intended recipients. In addition to being a source of frustration, this can lead to a waste of both money and time. If you want to ensure your emails reach your recipients, keep reading!

Send a Test Email

After setting up your email service, it is always a good idea to send yourself a few test emails. These emails will tell you whether or not your emails are being sent. If you do not see your emails in your inbox folder, check the spam or junk folder. If your email is there, you need to ensure it does not keep being sent to the spam folder.

First, you should check if you are listed on any spam filters. Your email address or your IP address can both be listed on these spam filters which can cause your emails not to be received on the other end. If you are listed, you should find out why. 

One of the most common reasons is because the IP address you use to send the emails might have been used by someone else to send spam emails and a lot of people reported it. This usually happens because many email software use the same servers and their IP addresses do not change even if these servers are used by someone else.

Check Your Website

One of the simplest reasons why your emails may not be sent is because your website’s configuration is wrong. Start by talking to your web developer if you use plain code in the files that are responsible for sending your emails. There may be a typo or some other error that hampers the sending of your emails.

If you use WordPress, you should check your WordPress email plugin. Usually, the plugin developer’s website will have the right configuration to set the plugin up correctly. These websites also have a list of common errors that might appear as you use their email plugin. Go through this list and correct any errors you find. As always, if you cannot do this yourself, hire a web developer to do it for you.

Use a Dedicated Email Platform

Sometimes, you just need to get an email out when your usual email services are down. For these situations, it would be best to go with a dedicated email service or platform. Such platforms include Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail. These platforms do not have any of the issues mentioned above; they do not need any configuration and emails from these platforms rarely end up in spam folders.

Keep an Eye on Error Messages

In most cases where your emails are not sent, you will receive an error message. Search these error messages online to know what is going on and rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Every business should ensure that their emails get to their intended recipients. If they do not, you should investigate and rectify any issues you discover.

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