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Entrepreneurs like Eric J Dalius highlight the necessary truths about failure

Entrepreneurs like Eric J Dalius highlight the necessary truths about failure

Entrepreneurs like Eric J Dalius highlight the necessary truths about failure

There’s nothing more challenging, exciting as well as threatening to some extent like entrepreneurship! Several enterprising managers and directors fail to leap from being a reputed employee of a company to a successful entrepreneur. They spend most of their time procrastinating and fighting challenges that are imaginary than being real. They fear whether they would be able to devise the best marketing strategy for a newly formed business or venture. Other than being entrepreneurs, they also have to play the role of a marketer and an online reputation manager. Most fret, whether they can take on all these responsibilities on them or not. And the common fear for all entrepreneurs is the fear of failing. That alone keeps many in a dilemma for years.

Think about failure the Eric J Dalius way

The truth is, most entrepreneurs, who’ve been successful marketers for their business ventures, have at one time failed beyond their expectations. If you get speaking to Eric J Dalius and other experts like him, you will be stunned to hear their failure stories. The fact that they can narrate it all so well and without getting affected is because they have learned their lessons correctly. Failure makes an able entrepreneur reflect and reform his business strategies and also his way of viewing life and business. 

Regardless of the expanse and degree of failure, entrepreneurs should think positive and progressive! No failure is big enough to get considered as an end. At best, failure is a roadblock, a hindrance that entrepreneurs can overcome with proper planning, reflection, and a clever, winning business strategy.

Are you afraid to fail? Is that stopping you from taking the business leap you should? Is that making you stagnate at one phase? Do you procrastinate more than acting because of this fear? If yes, you need to know and accept the essential truth about failure. They are:

  • Success mostly branches out of failure

Successful entrepreneurs and marketers have emerged victorious after massive failures! Hence, if you’ve had a business loss or are fretting that your new apparel or eatery might fail, don’t get into a fear loop or procrastination. Most often, failure helps you to sit back and assess your actions. It helps you appreciate your best qualities as an entrepreneur and note the areas where’s there’s room for improvement. Once entrepreneurs get busy with improvement and not worry about failure, they will make remarkable progress. That will prepare their vision and perspective as an entrepreneur.

  • Failure is a natural fall-out of curiosity

While apt planning and strategizing are essential in one’s entrepreneurial journey, it is also essential to remain curious. Attending to one’s curiosity is essential for unlocking various business scopes and opportunities. And that might or might not work! Sometimes, a new business idea might take time to work, and entrepreneurs must be patient.

Also, the majority of leading and successful marketers and entrepreneurs move to explore various business options because of their insatiable thirst for new knowledge. They all desire to explore their potential and execute all their skills. And that sometimes results in taking risks that can lead to unfavorable situations. All this will only make them know better and make a more informed decision later.

Entrepreneurs must remain curious about several ways to expand their business. It is good to take risks, which will open up new ways that will work in their favor.

  • Treat failure as an asset

Failure doesn’t mean you wasted time or that you aren’t capable of doing something revolutionary! It only shows that you tried wholeheartedly to execute a new way of thinking. Compared to the ones, who hardly try, entrepreneurs who try and fail, have more chances to try again and succeed. Hence, your failure is here to take you a step forward, provided you address and deal with it in a positive mindset.

  • People don’t wish that you fail

It is important to part with the personal pride to understand this point! The ultimate truth is, no one wants an entrepreneur or marketer to fail in their new business venture. It is because the lenders, stakeholders, and the vendors involved with the entrepreneur have invested their trust and resources on him/her. If the entrepreneur succeeds, they succeed as well. The benefits will get shared, and the scopes and profits will be common as well. Hence, entrepreneurs should consider this as a support, to go ahead and take the necessary risks to attain success in their business.

  • Failure doesn’t mean you’ve quit

If a new marketing campaign failed, it doesn’t indicate that as an entrepreneur, it’s time for you to shut shop. You need to gear up more and find out ways not to quit and carry on with your journey. The obvious after-effect of failure in business and entrepreneurship might be a momentary pause. That is essential for reflection and deep business analysis. You must take time to reflect, even if that means to pause for a while. It will help you to shape-up your business better and come back with increased zeal and vigor that no one expected before.

  • Every failure becomes simpler

Failure makes your entrepreneurial journey simpler and easier! For instance, if you’ve failed a few times and have managed to come back with a renewed vigor and out of the box business idea, then you know you can do that again. Failing takes away the fear of failing. It makes you perceive a roadblock rather intuitively and helps you to devise the best way to overcome it. Sometimes, your entrepreneurial insight will make you avert business failures and hindrances because you will put your experience to smart use. That’s how leading entrepreneurs have progressed in life!

Entrepreneurship looks all beautiful on the outside! But only leading and successful entrepreneur know the hard work to build and sustain a business empire. It takes enormous effort to survive a failure and keep on pursuing all your entrepreneurial aspirations. Know that accepting failure and working on it proactively will give you all the entrepreneurial tools and insight to overcome it. Also, it will make you immune to failure, which will make you think more effectively and progressively.


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