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Eric J Dalius emphasizes the need for Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)

Eric J Dalius emphasizes the need for Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)

The novel coronavirus has stunted business globally! The economy is fluctuating with sales drops and business shutdowns. On the one hand, people saw that working staff and employees were demanding safety coverage the moment lockdown was issued. And on the other hand, the increasing mass panic maximized customer demand. And this propelled companies to change the way they were functioning. Thus, came in the concept of Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR). 

The importance and benefits of Business Process Re- Engineering (BPR)

We are passing through testing and critical times. Here BPR helps business houses and companies to increase customer value and reduce resource consumption. Eric J Daliusan expert marketing professional, shares the advantages of BPR during this time.

  1. It results in customer delight

The way customer perceives you define your utility to them. The excess panic present all over has altered the buying behavior. Today, it has become essential to manage your company’s products and services with consumer expectations. It will allow your business to generate loyal customers for the years to come. Also, BPR allows the companies to attain this by re-designing the business processes.

A systematic BPR process plans all the crucial activities strategically. After that, it designs, manufactures, and markets the service/product in a way that caters to customer needs. The process helps companies to evaluate the value-generating activities as well as compare the same with other what other market players are doing. It will result in increased customer delight.

The majority of business firms and organizations are concerned about employee well-being and health. Once this pandemic phase is over, the proactive employee health management will comprise gathering relevant data for smart health management. Here a systematic BPR can help the companies to make crucial changes in attendance records. It will include daily temperature check-ups at the workplace. It will help to reduce the contamination rate and also care for employees better. 

  • Online signatures

Until now, the online signatures and the validations got used for security checks and compliance measures. However, remote working and the limitations on managing printed documents have created the need for online signatures. BPR optimization will sync in software and business processes in a company. It will ensure better security and will resolve all the hurdles.

  • You need to go ahead with the radical modifications in supply chain management

International trade is restricted now because of rising economic, geopolitical, and health concerns. EJ Dalius says that indicates your supply chain should change radically. It comprises supplier collaboration, quality management, spare parts management, shipment tracking, logistics, and warehouse management. A well organized BPR will assist your company in arriving at an adaptable and scalable solution, as and when your business faces significant changes in complexity and demand.

Hence, BPR is a process that enables companies to revamp their present business processes to enhance quality, cycle time, and productivity when there’s a crisis. Using BPR, you can evaluate generate the supplier network and assess the sourcing strategy. It allows your company to balance the risk level that you can accommodate and the functional flexibility that you can attain.

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