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Ernst Takes Home Two Strata Industry Awards

Ernst Takes Home Two Strata Industry Awards

Ernst Body Corporate Management Gold Coast strata community manager Rikki Slaughter has been outstanding in her service provision. This can be proved with her being nominated for the second year in a row to the high coveted strata manager of the year award, but, this time she won the accolade. The category was under the recently concluded SCA Queensland awards for excellence ceremony.

Strata community manager of the year

Rikki’s exceptional skills are what made her stand out from the rest. She is savvy with an all-around practical knowledge of the field. Rikki has also been able to develop a good reputation with not only the smarter community but also, the greater starter industry together with its clients. She has developed an excellent customer relation that most of her clients turn out to be her friends. Rikki, who has a bold personality, took on the daunting workload of overseeing some of the Gold Coast’s largest building services companies and delivered outstanding results.

In a previous speech, Rikki was quoted talking about how she values and finds a connection with her clients at a more than professional level incredibly important. Due to these personal relations with clients, Rikki has been characterized to be zealous, knowledgeable, practical, supportive and an excellent communicator. Based on some of the opinion of other stakeholders in the industry, Rikki can be described as an individual that has greatly balanced her personal and professional interaction with clients. Her collaboration and team player abilities complemented her expertise, making it easier to solve any challenges by brainstorming ideas. In addition to that, the chairman of a reputable apartment complex applauds Rikki for her determination to positive approaches to challenges which prove her exceptional work ethics. Notably, Rikki acknowledges that her passion for strata community and constant desire to exceed clients’ expectations make her a tremendous community manager.

Support team member award

In retrospect, Jevon Taane, Rikki’s colleague, consecutive nominee in the award ceremony, takes home the best support team member award. Jevon, who works as a technical trainer at Ernst Gold Coast strata, is a fundamental part of the communities group since he collaborates with his coworkers to decide the best way to develop specific tasks for his staff, customers, and the company. Jevon is ardent to improving the strata community by manipulating internal and external processes that make the clients more fascinated with the services. He can share his expertise with other people through training and refresher courses. Jevon deserved to be recognized as a skilful trainer for his impressive accomplishments this year. He gives the strata community the resources they need to develop and be recognized for their accomplishments.

The strata community management business award

Generally, the year 2021 was prodigious for the Ernst community. Despite two of its employees taking home the most sought-after awards in their respective communities, it was also the finalist for the large strata community management business award. Ernst received a 4.6-star rating out of a possible 5. The high rating on product review can be attributed to their exceptional service provided to their clients. Last but not least, yet another Ernst gold coast community manager, Gloria Ginley, got to the finalist stage in the essay award category.

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