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Essential guide about buying the best holster

Essential guide about buying the best holster

You have obtained your handgun and carry permit; it is time to look into the next important area to purchase a high-quality holster. Getting the right holster will help you conceal the weapon the best way and add to your comfort. Remember that the holster will add to your ease of access so that you do not have to carry it all the time. When you hunt for a holster, you will have to consider the weapon you possess. 

There are different categories and qualities of holsters available in the market. With all these options, it is sometimes overwhelming to make the selection. However, there are certain areas you will have to look into while selecting the holster of your choice. From the budget to the quality to the manufacturer to the ease of access, everything is significant.

BWB or below the waistband holster

Below the waistband holster is the most common and innovative design available in the market. These holsters get designed for concealing the weapon inside your pants carefully. These holsters become designed so that you do not need to pull out the gun for retrieving the firearm. It would help if you grabbed the top flap, and that will give you access. BWB holsters are best for different reasons. 

First, they perfectly cover the firearm because the entire weapon gets concealed inside the holster. Second, these holsters are comfortable in comparison to other designs. Another benefit of these holsters is that it is not easy for another individual to pull the firearm quickly from your flap. Hence, these are some reasons that you must look into while investing your money in a BWB holster.

IWB or inside the waistband holster

Very similar to BWB, inside the waistband holster helps you to conceal the firearm inside the waistband. However, they rest your firearm against the hip and thereby leave the handle exposed. IWB holsters will help you with excellent concealment because it covers the whole of the gun. Since they get placed inside your waistband, you do not have to think about the exposure. You may see more about Tulster that deals in high–quality holsters. 

OWB or outside the waistband holster

As the name suggests, these holsters are attached to the belt and are outside the hip. They are comfortable but give your weapon exposure. Although the gun gets compressed in the hip, people will know that you are carrying a firearm. OWB holster will help you to draw your weapon when there is an emergency quickly. Since it is easier to handle these holsters, people are getting attracted to them. However, there is a drawback of the coverage, and that is it is difficult to conceal the weapon. Unlike other waistbands, these holsters lack concealment, but they add to your comfort and ease of access.

Lastly, there is another option that is known as a thigh holster. These holsters are very similar to outside the waistband holsters. They will give you maximum concealment and better protection.


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