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Essential Tips for Organizing a Festival

Essential Tips for Organizing a Festival

No matter what kind of festival you’re planning, whether it’s to celebrate music, culture, or the changing of the seasons, you’re going to be in for a huge undertaking. Festivals are supposed to be a time where people can come together for good entertainment and quality food, and is great for building stronger communities. If you’re planning a festival, here are some essential tips to help you get organized and create a fantastic experience that people won’t forget.

Choose Your Vendors and Performers

The kind of festival you are planning will determine the type of vendors and performers that you will host at your event. Obviously, if it’s a music festival you will want to seek out a number of musicians to perform over the course of your event. Book these well in advance that way you are able to secure your main attraction.

When thinking about vendors, include those who will sell items related to the event. For example, if you are hosting a music and arts festival you could have local artists set up shop to sell their paintings and other items like hand-made jewellery.

Lastly, make sure you nail the food by hiring locally-sourced catering companies that have experience in the business. For example, you can cater your festival with food trucks that are renowned for providing delicious food in the area.

Create a Detailed To-Scale Map

In order to properly visualize your space you’ll want to create a to-scale map that has the location of all your vendors, stages, washrooms, and walkways. You’ll also need to make sure that you have overflow space as well as a secure location to keep cash and valuables. Note that performers and vendors will need their own ways to enter and exit that is separate from public access. 

Determine What Kind of Equipment You’ll Need

With so many factors in the mix you’re going to need a lot of equipment to make your festival happen. If attendees need to pay to get in, you’ll need scanners and payment terminals, as well as wrist bands to keep track of who paid and who didn’t. 

Performers will need music equipment like an adequate sound system and lighting (if your festival goes on till later in the evening). And vendors may need access to electricity depending on the services they provide.

Coordinate Your People

In order to run a festival properly you will need to hire staff (or volunteers) in order to take care of a number of different aspects of the event. Assign people to handle the doors, man an information booth, take care of garbage maintenance, and manage vendors and performers. Remember to delegate as much as you can or else you’ll quickly find yourself in over your head.

Be Flexible

The key to any successful festival is to be flexible and ready to adjust to any situation that may arise. With the right attitude and an organized hand you’ll be well on your way to planning an event everyone will remember. 


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