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Ever Fashionable Flat Caps

Ever Fashionable Flat Caps

Whether you want to follow in the footsteps of your favourite celebrities or adopt a Peaky Blinders style, a Flat Cap is exactly what you need this season. This traditional Irish style is an ideal choice for many occasions, and the latest designs are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Here at Weavers of Ireland, we’ve taken classic Tweed into the twenty first century, creating clothing and hats that are practical, fashionable and sustainable, and we’ve maintained the connection with the Irish heritage behind these styles, too. Weaving is intertwined with the very foundations of Irish society, and we work closely with expert weavers such as Avoca, Branigan and Mucros Weavers to share the highest quality designs with you.

Why Wear A Flat Cap?

Flat caps have been worn for centuries, made from sustainable wool and offering protection against the elements, and in 1571, a law was passed in Britain that made it compulsory to wear a wool cap on holidays and Sundays. This law applied to all non-noblemen over the age of 6, and was introduced to support the wool trade, which was the foundation of Britain’s economy at this time. Although the law was abolished after 26 years, the trend continued throughout the years that followed, with working class men continuing to wear the flat cap habitually, sometimes calling it the Newsboy Cap, or Baker Boy Cap. 

Tweed Becomes Stylish

As the flat cap began to decline in popularity amongst the working classes in the early twentieth century, it became a symbol of the gentry, worn with waxed jackets or Tweed hunting wear for outdoor sports. This trend brought the flat cap a new popularity, and in recent years it has been adopted by celebrities such as David Beckham and Idris Elba, making it a global phenomenon. Of course, the most influential use of the flat cap in recent years has been the hit TV show Peaky Blinders, and this is believed to have been the inspiration for the 83% rise in sales of flat caps following its release!

The newfound popularity of the flat cap has led to the introduction of many different options within the traditional style. The tweed flat cap is still the original and the most striking of designs, and the earthy colours used here mirror the beautiful Irish land and seascapes that we love so well. 

Our Favourite Flat Caps

Whether you love the classic look or prefer a modern twist to your style, we have the perfect flat cap for you. Our favourites include:

Trinity Tweed Flat Cap. This forest green flat cap features a Herringbone Tweed design and is produced using 100% natural wool. This is the traditional peak-style flat cap with sewn fastening and is lined with luxurious quilted lining for added warmth and comfort. Men and women love this classic design by Mucros Weavers, and we know you’ll be converted when you find the perfect fit.

Kerry Tweed Flat Cap. This is another classic design with a slightly different shape, and this charcoal and blue option is very popular. This Kerry cap was inspired by the traditional Irish pub cap, and is an easy to wear style that looks great, too.

Trinity Flat Cap – Patchwork. Stand out from the crowd with this unique and striking design from Mucros Weavers, master crafters in Ireland for many years. You’ll love the patchwork design that varies from cap to cap, and the top quality local wool used to create it. This is a traditional peak-style flat cap with sewn fastening, and it’s suitable for everyone. 

Ladies Tweed Newsboy Hat. This is a popular cap for women, inspired by the traditional flat cap and the Killarney National Park, where Mucros Weavers are located. Handwoven with the finest materials, including 100% wool tweed, this classic hat features a leather rosette and is elasticated to fit various head sizes.

At Weaver’s of Ireland, we know that all of the family will want to share in the classic style of the flat cap, and we have caps for children and adults, too.

How To Wear Your Flat Cap

The great thing about a flat cap is that it’s versatile and can be styled to suit almost any outfit. It works best when it doesn’t look like you’ve tried too hard, so try wearing it as a simple, casual accessory. 

The flat cap works with smart blazers and suits, creating a smart but fun look for a wedding or special occasion, but it is equally effective with a shirt and well-fitted jeans for a social event or every day. A hot tip this season is that the stars are wearing their flat caps with denim jackets and Chelsea boots, and you can get the look when you choose your favourite flat cap from our selection. 

Style choices to avoid include pairing your flat cap with any kind of sportswear, and don’t forget that shorts and sandals are better suited to a wide brimmed sunhat or a sports cap than a traditional flat cap. It’s common sense, really, and this is probably why these classic caps are so popular. They’re a timeless addition to almost any look, and when you find one you love, you’ll draw attention for all the right reasons.

Choose Your Flat Cap Today

Our Flat Caps are designed and made with care, so that you can wear a little piece of Irish history every day. Tweed is a great choice, made with local and sustainable wool, and your authentic flat cap will ensure that you stand out from the crowd this season. You can visit one of our three stores in Ireland, at Killarney, Kenmare and Kinsale, or browse our online catalogue at Weavers of Ireland. In addition to flat caps, we have a beautiful range of clothing for men, women and children, as well as throws, accessories and more. 

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