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Every Day Reasons That Can Aggravate Your Lower Back Pain

Every Day Reasons That Can Aggravate Your Lower Back Pain

The modern-day life is laden with stress and anxiety! Over 80% of people today are leading a sedentary life. And this gradually results in poor posture, obesity, fatigue, and many other health discomforts. One of the most prominent health discomforts here is the lower back pain.

It’s a myth that lower back pain happens when you start to age. It can happen to anyone in their twenties. Usually, it is a result of excess strain in the lower back or some injuries causes due to bad posture or accident. Today, there are several ways in which you can relieve lower back pain. Several brands are coming up with lower back pain relief programs that you can enroll as well. To know more about this, you can visit Train Back

However, every day we unknowingly do something that accentuates our lower back pain! If we can avoid these, we add to our healing process. A few of these actions are discussed below:

  1. Sitting in front of the computer for long hours 

Sitting for long hours itself has ample dangers for our health. Most people are not aware of the correct posture when working on a computer or laptop! Hence, it means you are sitting for long hours and that too in a wrong posture. It affects your lower back in a severe way, results in mild pain and spasms first. After that, it gradually leads to serious lower back injuries. Make it a point that you don’t sit for six or seven hours at a stretch. It affects the hip muscles in a bad way. You can take breaks after every hour and a half by walking for five minutes or doing some mild body stretches that will ease away the tension in the surrounding areas. 

  • Don’t lift very heavy objects when you already have an injury

If you already have a lower back injury, you shouldn’t be bending over and over again! Also, don’t stress your back by trying to lift very heavy objects. It all adds extra strain to the already affected muscles and ligaments in the hip and lower spine region. It might result in some permanent posture issues that might be very tough to correct later on. Hence, it’s a smart call to not aggravate your existing lower back pain by lifting heavy objects lying around you. 

  • Don’t miss out on your daily walks

It might seem that walking is a simple exercise, but it goes a long way to correct your posture and heal your lower back pain. When you start walking at a regular pace, your spine, leg muscles, lower hip muscles, joints, ligaments get stretched gently and begin to heal. The blood circulation too becomes balanced, and the injured muscles also start relaxing. So, when you suddenly give a miss to your daily walking habit, you create an unwanted halt on the already ongoing healing process. You shouldn’t be missing out on the walks.

These are some of the important ways you can ensure that your lower back does not aggravate. When you make small shifts in your daily routine, it goes a long way to ensure that your lower back is healing gradually.  


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