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Everything You Ought to Understand About Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Everything You Ought to Understand About Oral Fluid Drug Testing

The constant evolution in marijuana laws, continued opioid pandemic, as well as technological advancements, is making employers rethink their drug testing policies and processes. Did you know that urine drug test isn’t the only route employers are seeking to use during a drug test? The hair follicle, blood drug test, as well as oral fluid test, are getting used.  

Most people are seeking to use drug tests as efficient, simple, and can get conducted on-site. Thus, they are trying to use the newer drug testing technologies. Oral fluid testing is entirely accurate despite what other people might say against it. It’s because it avails blood-equivalent test results as it measures the molecules that are similar to the ones found within the blood plasma. 

During an oral fluid drug test, the donor provides the saliva sample in a particular collection device. You ought to check on how to read a saliva test as both negative and positive results get displayed on the drug panel with colored lines.  

Mind-blowing benefits of oral fluid drug tests

A tiny amount of the sample is needed

The oral liquid drug testing is gaining popularity as only a teensy amount of sample gets required. It’s unlike the hair testing or urine sample where a specific amount of volume has to become availed to conduct an analysis. There are times where a donor can fail to offer enough urine.

Some might not have the needed hair amount for the hair follicle testing. Oral fluid testing is effective as everyone has the required sample for testing.

Less invasive 

Another benefit of oral fluid drug testing is that it’s less intrusive. There’s no complicated training required by administrators as it’s easy and quick. No need to go to the bathroom to obtain a sample; thus, the company doesn’t have to turn off the running water or a blue dye to the toilets.

Tamper-resistance testing

Saliva drug testing happens on-site, which gives the donor a minimal chance to beat the test. Oral fluid testing is useful for detecting drugs that are within one’s body within 24 to 48 hours. It can be quite challenging to dupe the collector as they get to observe the entire process on-site.

However, the drug detection window gets affected by quite several factors, to name a few, the size of the drug dose, the drug getting detected, active vs. chronic use of the drug as well as the metabolic rate can affect the outcome.

Oral fluid testing challenges 

The oral fluid testing methods gets faced with several challenges. There are some states which prohibit drug testing during the hiring process. 

Some donors suffer from dry mouth. Thus, they are unable to offer the right amount of fluid as a result of medication or dehydration.

During the process, one needs to refrain from frequent swallowing or talking. It can result in misdirection of the oral fluid, thus resulting in increased donation time or insufficient sample.

It’s essential that enterprises re-strategize their drug testing policies in the current evolving workforce culture. As one uses the different drug testing methods, it’s a must one know how to read a saliva test, among other criteria. It will minimize the chances of misinterpretation or contamination.  

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