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Everything You Should Know about Air Conditioning: How it Works, its Benefits, and More

Everything You Should Know about Air Conditioning: How it Works, its Benefits, and More

Air conditioning has not been traditionally associated with UK homes and businesses, but this is rapidly changing as weather conditions and patterns become fickler and more unpredictable. We all know how comfortable it is to step into a warm, heated indoor environment after spending time in the cold outdoors, but air conditioning is also now being seen as a necessity, and this isn’t just true for businesses, but for homes and residential premises as well. Whether you have a home or business and are thinking of installing an air conditioning system in your property, here’s everything you need to know about air conditioning: how it works, its benefits, and more.

How the system works

Simply put, an air conditioning unit works by taking in warm air from an indoor environment (such as a room), removing the heat from that air, then blowing cooler air into the room again. The warm air is cooled by a set of pipes referred to as evaporators, and the evaporators are connected from the interior of a building or structure to a coil which is located at the exterior of the building or structure. The outer coil has metal fins, and these serve to exchange the warm energy or power with the air that surrounds the structure. Evaporators have refrigerants, which can either be HC or HFC, and a compressor will pump these refrigerants to the components of the unit.

In the process, the refrigerant, which is initially a liquid, will turn into a low-pressure cooled gas, and it will then leave as a high-pressure hot gas that will flow into the condenser. The condenser’s purpose is to turn the refrigerant back to its liquid form, but it removes heat in the process before the refrigerant re-enters the structure or building. The process goes on until the interior of the building reaches the ideal cool temperature as dictated by the setting of the thermostat.

The real benefits 

The big question posed by many who are thinking of getting an air conditioning system, however, is its benefits. What can it do for the interior of a property? 

  • The ideal temperature at all times

Well, the first benefit is quite apparent: with air conditioning, you can have the ideal temperature in your interiors all the time. If the temperature outside becomes too hot, you have the ability to control the internal temperature, so you remain comfortable. Some air conditioning systems also serve as heating systems, and this means you can still make use of them even during the autumn, spring, or winter. If you have a business, having commercial air conditioning for your employees means that you are making them comfortable and preventing the onset of tiredness or fatigue from heat, which, in turn, boosts your workers’ productivity. 

  • The removal of air pollutants 

Another benefit of air conditioning which is not too well known is that it can remove air pollutants. Since the air conditioning system helps in the circulation of air indoors, it can filter out any dust, allergens, mould, pet hair, fungus, and smoke. This is particularly advantageous for those who have asthma, hay fever, and allergies.

There are many other benefits brought by air conditioning. One additional benefit is the fact that it can help prolong the shelf life of various products which need to be stored in a temperature-controlled environment. Even machinery can get damaged if it overheats, and this is why air conditioning is necessary for more and more settings and environments today. 

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