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Everything You Would Want to Know About Underpinning

Everything You Would Want to Know About Underpinning

There is a lot of construction going on everywhere right now, and the foundations that support these buildings can be costly to build. Different foundation methods come in handy to provide a structure with the much-needed support and strength. Still, the most commonly used approach to provide adequate stability to any foundation is underpinning. To be more precise, underpinning involves strengthening the foundation of a structure. This process focuses on extending below ground level rather than building from above, whether a small or large project.

It can achieve this by adding more reinforcement to the existing foundation or building a new foundation. Whatever the case may be, the main goal of this practice is not to prolong the life of your foundation but rather to preserve it from collapse. It’s important to know that whether you’re replacing the entire foundation or simply reinforcing its existing support system, you will need to develop an appropriate plan for addressing poor soil conditions. If you need help with this, you can click here. Before that, let’s explore the benefits of this popular construction method.

Benefits of underpinning

Structural integrity

Today, most people live in cities riddled with older buildings, including ones that have stood the test of time and remain standing even today. While they may look all well from the outside, hidden from everyone’s eyes, they may be grappling with the issue of foundation decay. It happens when the soil beneath them becomes weak and brittle. It can be hazardous as this causes these structures – which many modern dwellers depend on for shelter – to collapse or sink. They can be most at risk during earthquakes or heavy rains. However, this disaster is preventable if one uses the current foundation repair services like underpinning.

If you want to keep the life of your building intact and feel safe living in it, underpinning is what you need. It is a process where you open up the mechanics of your house to do a thorough investigation of the issues.

Strong base

Many construction works happen on the soil, which can be moist and not solid. Due to this, it is vital to make a solid foundation to keep the building upright, or else it might collapse with even a minor tremor in the area. Underpinning can ensure this by helping build a proper and superior foundation for projects.

The most common cases of use of the underpinning method

Homeowners seek foundation-related services in two scenarios most often. One of them has to do with the contraction or expansion of soil caused by excess moisture, long-pending damaged plumbing, or neighbouring trees. Another situation can be the low quality of the ground on which the building stands. Additionally, these practices prove helpful if natural disasters like flooding or earthquake have impacted the structural integrity. Or landlords want to add one more floor to the existing property.

No matter why you need help with this process, approach only expert contractors with valid licenses, a repertoire of experience, and adequate skills and equipment to support your project.


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