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Experiencing the Supernatural Power of the Holy Spirit in 2018 with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Experiencing the Supernatural Power of the Holy Spirit in 2018 with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The worldwide ministry of Chris Oyakhilome proves beyond all doubt that true Christianity is not boring. Besides being the co-founder of LOVEWORLD USA, along with well-known evangelist Benny Hinn, Oyakhilome is a global healing evangelist and minister.

Recently, Christ Embassy, the ministry of Chris Oyakhilome, held a two-day event in the SSE Arena in Wembley, London, which was a tremendous success. It was so successful that believers who attended from around the world along with local leaders from the United Kingdom made the announcement that they found this Pastor Oyakhilome and LOVEWORLD Event “better than football!”

It seems that the 2018 World Cup matches took place on the same weekend and every seat in the stadium was filled to hear Pastor Chris speak about Jesus! This was a confident statement because it showed that Jesus was achieving the popularity over the sports games of the world, which was unbelievable!

The July Leader’s Conference in the United Kingdom

There were thousands of believers, spiritual leaders, pastors and partners who gathered with LoveWorld at The SSE Stadium on July 14-16. Guests came from Africa, North America, and other countries from all around the world. Pastor Chris had announced that this year of 2018 was the “Year of the Supernatural” so everyone is looking for it to be significant for the entire body of believers.

This July, the SSE Stadium held over 90,000 people for the Leaders and Partners’ Conference. This was the first event held by LOVEWORLD and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in 2018, and those who attended were very excited and inspired by the words of Pastor Chris. If this event is any indication of what the second half of the year will be like, then God will be shown in all His Glory and many hundreds of thousands will increase their Walk in Love. This Leader’s Conference in London was the beginning of all that LOVEWORLD has in store for “the Year of the Supernatural.”

Pastor Chris expressed how happy he was with his team who had organized the conference and with those who attended. He said he was looking forward to future events and conferences this year with great expectation, and he prayed that believer’s everywhere would feel free to attend. He told his staff that “we are taking this thing to a whole new level by the power of the Holy Ghost, and catapulting everyone to “a new pedestal of faith.” This is going to be an exciting year for LOVEWORLD as they have planned more events in the second half of the year.

Supernatural Events in the Future

Everyone who participated in the preparation and organization of the Leaders’ Conference in July said that it was designed to make a glorious demonstration of the Spirit of God using teaching, preaching, signs, and miracles in order to prepare for greater works to be done.

Because of this revelation, Pastor Chris and LOVEWORLD have scheduled many events for this second half of 2018 in varying locations. The events will be open to the public, including believers and nonbelievers alike. They will be holding Holy Spirit gatherings, conferences, and meetings where the miracles of God will be manifested. All the Glory goes to God. For further info:

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