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Expert Tips In Choosing Binoculars By Its Use

Expert Tips In Choosing Binoculars By Its Use

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Binoculars are of course the most used optical instrument across the globe for nature watching among other uses. To have an exciting view of your target, you need a quality binocular that meets your expectations. However, choosing the right binocular for your nature watching is not that easy. Therefore, this guide is intended to provide you with the consideration you need to make before settling on the decision to purchase the binocular. You need to determine why, when, and where you need to apply the binoculars.

Choose Features that Support Your Application

Of course, what works for me might not work for you. You need to identify what you need the binoculars for. There are different binoculars for nature viewing, bird watching and knowing what you want will help you narrow down for the feature you are looking for. Your aim should be to look for features that align with your needs. You need to consider features like size, weight, Ergonomics, and functionality among others.

Do not limit your budget

Binoculars are expensive in general. There is no other way to go around it, for the best quality you need to dig more in your pockets. The best binoculars available in the market go for over $1000. Inasmuch as you are skeptical about the prices, the best brands in the market will outdo the competition and give the most outstanding experience. When it comes to choosing binoculars, the notion you get what you pay still applies; you can’t expect more by spending less. However, you can always find binoculars that go for $ 50, but you can’t compare their functionality with binoculars that go for over $1000.

Consider the design you seek

Most of the binoculars in the market come in two basic models- the traditional pro-prism design and the modern roof prism design. The popularity of the contemporary roof design has increased due to price reduction. Besides, these are the widely used binoculars for birds and nature watching binoculars. Some traits of the porro prism binoculars include;

  • Quality image at lower prices points
  • Less strong
  • They are bigger and bulkier

Characteristics of the modern roof-prism design binocular include;

  • Poor image quality at lower price points
  • They are more compact and ergonomic
  • Strong and waterproof

If you are working under a limited budget, you should go for porro prism design because you are guaranteed quality images at low price points. Nevertheless, if you can afford the modern roof prism design, the better.

Consider the magnification

The magnification capability of every binocular is shown on the binocular for instance 10× 32. The first number represents magnification and the second one represents diameter. You should, however, note that higher magnification does not always work better especially for nature viewing. The reason is that higher magnification reduces brightness, view field and decrease the depth of the field as well. However, 12× and higher binocular are always ideal for long distance nature watching. However, an 8×10x binocular is considered suitable for general purpose viewing.

Nonetheless, those people who find it hard to steady hold higher magnification binoculars can perfectly work with 7.5x and lower magnification. Precaution! Avoid zoom binoculars because they give poor quality images.


Brightness is yet another essential feature you ought to consider before buying a binocular. The bigger the lens, the brighter the image produced. Binoculars come with varying objective lens such as 50 MM, 40MM-50MM, 30MM-40MM 20-30MM. The higher the objective lens, the better the resulting image and vice versa. However, for quality and bright images, you should go for 42MM full-sized or 32MM mid-sided lens.

You Should Be Very Keen about the Field of View

The field of view term is commonly used to describe the extent of the scene you view. The field of view measure is expressed in meters, e.g., 2000 meters or in terms of angles. You need a wide field of view for nature viewing because you can quickly scan large areas. You don’t need a super-wide field of view. Basic but adequate field of view is enough to give you an exciting moment.

There are many factors you need to consider before purchasing a binocular. Apart from the features named above, there are some more like lens coating, balance and handling, quality and durability of the binoculars and most importantly, warrant. Never buy a binocular without a warrant because it could be a counterfeit.

Based on your applications such as bird viewing, nature viewing, sports coverage, hiking, hunting binoculars and marine binoculars you should search the pros and cons before buying. If you want a binocular that will provide you with excellent and a memorable experience you have to pay more for quality. We hope the above guideline will enable you to make a rational decision when purchasing your binoculars.

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