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Explore the Essential Skills Necessary for Cloud Computing Success

Explore the Essential Skills Necessary for Cloud Computing Success

Cloud computing makes lofty promises like lifting a tremendous amount of burden associated with information technology management from organizations and handing over some responsibilities to competent service providers. In order to fulfill such promises, certain essential skills are required so that the cloud environments existing today are managed efficiently. Here are some of the required skills that make cloud computing a huge success.

Business Acumen: Cloud computing experts or advocates must possess effective business acumen to justify cloud deployment in certain projects and to say no if it is not viable for another project. They must possess perfect skills for building an ROI case and for monitoring and make effective judgment calls on specific metrics depending on business performance as compared to the costs involved for subscribing or supporting cloud. You must realize that cloud computing is an extremely powerful business tool that requires business-savvy advocates for making it a huge success for organizations.

Technical Excellence: The extent and kinds of technical skills and proficiency required for cloud computing staff would depend precisely on the extent to which the cloud would be built and how much would be managed in-house. Moreover, the knowledge base must mainly be concentrated on NET, Java skills, and the Internet capabilities including sound knowledge of virtualization. Knowledge of languages and open-source tools would be an added attraction and very much appreciated.

Competence in Business Needs Analysis: Cloud computing experts should be able to coordinate and work efficiently with the IT professionals and speak fluently the language of business. Moreover, a thorough understanding and knowledge of the fundamental principles associated with the service-oriented architecture would be very much welcome. You could have easy access to the best cloud services NJ for perfect cloud computing solutions.

Project Management Abilities: Project management abilities are integral to the success of IT projects that necessitate organizing people and a host of resources across the organization to come to an agreement pertaining to goals, establishing timelines, and fulfilling specific milestones as per deadlines. The IT scenario is a highly dynamic one and things keep changing, user preferences would be changing, more deliverables would be included into the project and ultimately projects often run behind schedule and overshoot the deadline and even the budget.

However, cloud computing experts must be efficient and well-equipped in handling emergency situations and last moment requests for services. Cloud computing experts must possess sound project management abilities to contain cloud projects from overshooting the budget and costing more than the on-premises system, for which they had originally been designed to substitute.

Understanding of Security & Compliance: An understanding and sound knowledge of security protocols seem to be an essential skill irrespective of what kind of cloud being deployed. Along with this, the cloud computing experts must have a thorough understanding of regulations and mandates and numerous data-handling laws prevalent in the various states in the U.S.A. to the European Union.

Data Integration and Data Analysis Abilities: In the 21st century, data is the most valuable resource. To be able to extract actionable information from the terabytes of data generated every day and then use it to make consistent and profitable business decisions is the order of the day. Data is generated from and stored in various forms, ranging from real-time cloud systems to data warehouses and in-house ERP systems. Companies are in search of skilled data professionals who are able to design and operate efficient systems that can assimilate and organize Big Data and provide useful insights in the form of business intelligence via high-level analytics.


Apart from the above-discussed skills that are required for competent cloud computing, there is an increasing demand for cloud computing professionals who are adept at developing and delivering mobile apps that could stay in the cloud, reach customers, partners, and employees anytime and anywhere in the world.

Author Bio: Adam Phillips is a data scientist at a top R&D center in Silicon Valley. He has studied trends in data generation and analytics over the years and writes about them on his blog. He also shares excellent resources like


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