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Exploring The Nightlife Around The World

Exploring The Nightlife Around The World

When the clock tick-tocks, the sun goes down, and the lights go out, some of the most iconic cities in the world come alive. These are one of the most fantastic cities in the world that are known for everything but sleep. Whether it is about clubs, pubs, bars, festivals, or anything else, some places have it all.

If you are searching out for the perfect destination for your vacations, and are interested in a bot of fun with hungover mornings, late nights, and assured good time, we have got something for you. Many of these places make economies off of the tourists and travelers seeking excellent nightlife.

Barranquilla, Colombia

Barranquilla is popularly known for being the birthplace of Shakira and for the annual carnival. It is famous for hosting the second biggest carnival in the world (After Rio) and is a frenzy of lively and colorful festivities that kick off in February every year. Visiting this place during this time of the year can be an experience for a lifetime. However, if not, Barranquilla has enough nightlife to easily keep one occupied. 

You can join the locals in drinking and dancing by the tiendas, which are small neighborhood stores that put out tables and chairs o the pavement outside, play Colombian Vallenato folk music, and sell beer. Along with this, popular streets like Calle 84, Carrera 8, and Carrera 21 offer you more conventional nightclubs and bars. La Troja is one of the city’s most renowned venues, celebrated for its traditional dancing, music, and ambiance. 


Malta, which is officially known as the Republic of Malta, is an island in Southern Europe. It is a Mediterranean archipelago, which is located between Northwest Africa and the scenic Sicily. This place is primarily known for its breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes and historic architecture. The country is also famous for its great food and religious institutions. However, its party circuit is also an exceptional attraction for tourists. The nightlife is full of high spirits and energy with a range of restaurants, pubs, and bars spread all over the country. 

Havana, level 22, Shadow Lounge, Marrakech, Barcelona Lounge, Plush, Uno and so on are the major hotspots of the city. Malta offers a perfect vacation package filled with spectacular surroundings, fantastic nightlife, and natural surroundings. If you are a party animal, summer is the ideal time for you to experience its outdoor parties. Other than this, you can viably check out an essential guide to the hot spots of nightlife in Malta

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Though it may be the Netherlands’ second city, Rotterdam is a true pioneer when one talks about nightlife. You can wander on the streets of the city and explore the beauty of the night. Witte de Withstraat, which is lined with famous bars including Cafe de Witte Aap, is also a popular attraction spot for tourists. 

However, the city is not just about the established, traditional nightlife spaces. Local hangouts and emerging club nights, though not a part of the mainstream nightlife, offer you an incredible experience, for instance, the Toffler nightclub on Weena Zuid street. Also, if you are there, watch out for nights put on by WORM collective and BAR, and creative space Roodkapje Rotterdam. 

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is a quick-paced city and flashy city. However, contrary to the assumption, it is not all about the superclubs with VIP tables and Champagne corks flying. But, you will be surprised to be able to explore its invigorating underground nightlife scene. Mostly run by expats, these events and parties are where one will find unpretentious get-togethers, offering everything from techno to hip hop. 

If you are not willing to explore the unconventional side of the nightlife and looking for popular music, you can head up to Cloud 9. It is one of the highest situated bars in the world. It is located on the top of the Jin Mao Tower and has floor-to-ceiling windows providing a view of the city’s glittering skyline. 


The nightlife drives these cities. Apart from the information offered in the article, it is advisable simply to go with your instincts. These places are easy to spot and access. The best parties are the ones that are spontaneous and fills you up with surprises. Push your boundaries a little, and step out of your comfort zone; these places will give a lifetime of experience. One of the most beautiful sights and encounters happen during the inherent silence and peace of the night. 


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