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Facts about the India fashion industry

Facts about the India fashion industry

The history of Indian fashion can be dated as far as the 1980s and has a rising presence in the global scene. There simple attires that showcase their opulence fulfill a lot about their origin. As much as, the original traditional attires are not able to be found today. Through their sculptures, we are able to learn more about their ancient clothing in depth. From using jewelry to cover themselves to the costumes they wear today India’s history has grown relatively quickly. The new trends may have been embraced by the consumers and industry in general. But they still maintain their culture wearing their traditional attire including Indian dhoti, turban and the scarf among others. 

Fashion transformation 

There are two types of clothes as found at Stylecaret worn especially by women before the introduction of the indo-western wear. These clothes which are still common today are called the Kameez. The churidar Kameez is worn by working-class women while the Salwar Kameez is what is worn as common clothing for all women. The men too have their own known as the Kurtas and the sherwani. Other than all this, the western culture has been embraced by the youth who now prefer wearing shirts, Jeans, Bermuda’s and caps among others to set a trend for others. Plus, through them, the Indian fashion industry has taken off. The Indian designers the likes of Ritu Beri, Ritu Kumar among others are also a driving force to the quick spread of fashion in India as a whole.

The increase in globalization has made the Indian fashion industry create a stronghold in the international market. They are actually leading in exports of textile around the world. It has also embraced a niche in this industry especially now that global brands are streaming in their country. Hence introducing the western culture clothes that have recently created the indo-western design that has great potential in increasing their scope for the consumers and retailers as well.

Present trends in the Indian fashion industry

Fashion designers 

The Indian fashion industry has grown from one trend to another. Therefore, for the Indian fashion industry it is not really about the fashion designers but the ability for it to absorb the new trends quickly. The fashion designers in India have been able to speed up and create new designs and get the trend of more indo-western clothes to relate with their niche as a country. This is by working hand in hand with the photography, manufacturing, research and development teams among others. This trend of fashion designers was asked to up their game is there for the long haul for India’s fashion.

The e-commerce organization

The Indian fashion industry for some time had been content with their own designs and brands for they fit well in their customs. However, the introduction of new trends from western cultures and the rising use of e-commerce have exposed their consumers to various attires. These clothes may not be as the Indian wear but are simple and respectful. Actually, this new trend of e-commerce organization has brought out the non-accounted for brands that are sold within small groups and not growing the country’s economy to the limelight due to the increased completion in the industry.

The market share 

India Is the third largest producer in cotton in the world and after China, they are second in silk. As much as India exports textile around the world It has also embraced other people’s textiles. Therefore, India has ensured through their fashion designers to go back to their original and surplus textile to manufacture the current trends. This though incorporating eco-friendlier approaches has been a win-win for their industry and country at large. This present trend has made India innovation to increase by 5% and the consumers are embracing it.

Increased employment opportunities

Through the famous Indian designers who are known all over the world. There has been an increase in small players in the industry due to the motivation of those who have made it internationally. Not only that, the media has increased a lot of knowledge as fashion related channels are now broadcast in India and made the youth become more open-minded in the fashion world. Training institutes have opened up to train on purely fashion to increase the job opportunities in the Indian fashion industry. This also has allowed a way to preserve their ethos in the fashion industry so as they maintain unique attires. Some of the famous Indian designers include Manish Malhotra, Ritu Verma among others.

Economic growth 

The saree actually covers more ground in comparison to other clothes like the Kurtas, Kameez or denim. The saree has a lot of sales and sells more than a third of other apparel. Surprisingly, it is still growing at a rate of 9% especially due to many opened online stores. As a matter of fact, the economy has also grown more recently and is projected to grow at 10% annually. The estimates of designer wear are at 58% for women and 67% for the male. This progressive trend has resulted in a boost in the economic growth of the country.

Current Developments

As much as India is among the leads in textile and clothes, many brands from other countries have set manufacturing units in the Indian fashion industry. This is due to the affordable labor, however, they sell it at a 300% margin. The more research that is done and the increased innovation India fashion industry will improve to better developments.

The statistics in the India fashion industry show that the current size of the industry is worth Rs 1000 Crore. Yet the market size is at Rs 20,000 Crore approximately. The percentage of the Indian fashion industry is at a striking growth stage as much as it is still below 10% in the world market accounts.

The consumer expenditure is at 11% for clothing and other apparel. These signs of growth are all over and are growing more and more. This is through designers, store outlets, and increased training design schools. 

Fashion and High Society

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