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FAQ on International Flower Delivery: Everything You Need to Know

FAQ on International Flower Delivery: Everything You Need to Know

We use services like international flower delivery quite often and it’s OK that we have some questions. But not all of us care to look for the answers. Some of them are quite entertaining and can make your understanding of the flower business much better.

On the Times Square Chronicles quest for the best flower delivery, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions on the topic.

Is Same-Day Delivery Available?

Depending on the service, same-day delivery may be available every day, only on working days, and/or except public holidays.

What Currency Will I Be Charged In?

It depends on the company. Europe-based services will charge you in euro, American-based – in American dollars. Check the exchange rate before the purchase to be sure how much money you’ll have to pay. It’s also a good idea to contact your bank and get informational help if you’re ordering flowers for the first time.

How Do They Ship Flowers So Far?

“How can a bouquet be fresh if they have to deliver it all the way to another country?”

Well, that would be illogical – paying for a shipment of one bouquet would cost quite a lot. Companies have partners and branches in many countries, where florists receive the order and create an arrangement from the flowers available.

How Can I Be Sure My Arrangement Was Delivered?

You’ll be notified via a phone call, SMS, or/and email. If something goes wrong, the company will also contact you asap.

Can I Create My Own Arrangement?

Some companies offer customers to create their own arrangements by choosing flowers and a color palette. This makes your bouquet very special as it becomes a standalone gift.

It’s quite interesting how we’ve able to order a flower arrangement to be delivered to a place thousands of miles away. It’s so romantic and rather convenient. The world seems very small nowadays with the Internet and technology development, which makes us feel more united. Why not celebrate it with a beautiful bouquet sent to your beloved in another country?

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