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Farming Simulator 19 – Hints for New players

Farming Simulator 19 – Hints for New players

Farming simulation games are gaining fame all over the world. There’s something about these games that thrills many players. The fact that Farming simulator 19 ranks among the most famous sports doesn’t mean that it’s easy for beginners. However, there are tips and tricks for new players to dominate in the game.

Below are some of them;

Free water

It’s wise to water from your pump on your farm since any other source is more costly. You can get free water by supporting the free water tank trailer into the river and load it while submerged. The safest spots are the sandy beaches which are next to natural water formations.

Fields/ Tractors

Consider purchasing the nearby fields worked on by AI players. Once they have been planted and worked on, you will have stored so much money by then, and you’ll also have the benefit of reaping the harvest without having to work on them!

For tractors to start with, you have as many tractors as you wish for; therefore, keep the biggest one with the lowest hours.


You may be tempted to feel that missions pay so much for minimal efforts hence avoid them. However, they are excellent ways of earning money. All you need to do is show up and provide the required labor. Besides, all the equipment is provided to enable you to accomplish the task.

 Equipment maintenance

To dominate in landwirtschafts simulator 19 kostenlos, don’t shy away from maintaining your equipment. Old tractors cost more to maintain as compared to new ones, and new ones are more profitable to run. 

However, don’t be tempted to discard the equipment since it isn’t shiny or new, only sell it when you no longer need it or have better ones. Further, if you can’t afford to purchase a new machine, try to lease them. Leased machines are more efficient and guarantee a better harvest.

Find alternatives

Working on your fields by yourself can be a slow way to make money, therefore, if you wish to expand at a faster rate, consider other options for instance; Missions, solar power, and greenhouses.

Passive income

Since maintenance is paid daily, this should not be a significant issue if you consider speeding up your time. Therefore, if you wish to play faster, then it’s an excellent idea to place some passive sources of income to clear the costs. For example; greenhouses are a good value if you happen to have a constant water supply.

Storage/Crop prices

Opt for fee storage as you begin playing, this is the best time to look for a place to store your crops. Some of the stations you can consider storing your produce are public silos.

Icons will be shown beside each type of plant in case the cost is lower than usual. However, demand tends to go up now and then and you can make vast amounts of cash if you possess a massive stockpile of the said crop.

Doubling yields

You can achieve this by purchasing a fertilizer sprayer to fertilize your crops once they have been planted. This enables you to gain double on the yields upon harvesting. Furthermore, the primary aim of playing landwirtschafts simulator 19 kostenlos is to utilize the best equipment, fields, weed regularly and reap more crops. 


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