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Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know

Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know

Siksilk is one of the most relevant references in urban fashion for many reasons. Though fashion houses might not reflect this opinion, athleisure wear is taking over. So many people love the ease of wearing comfortable yet stylish clothes. Plus, more people are adopting the “gym rat” lifestyle. As a result, they’re spending more time in the gym. It’s really inconvenient to change clothes multiple times every day. With the right athleisure wear, a person can easily transition from the gym to a night out with friends. This applies to both men and women. Consider a few of the ways athleisure wear is chic and stylish for men and women.

Stylish Prints

When you purchase garments with stylish prints, you don’t have to do as much work to make any outfit look amazing. Instead, you can just throw on the outfit and go. There’s such an ease to that concept. Think about all of the times when you’ve stood in front of your closet in the morning to figure out what to wear. Your brain is fried. Your decision-making skills might not be the sharpest because it’s early in the morning. Plus, it’s just nice to have a simplified experience. You can make things simple for yourself by focusing on purchasing tops and bottoms that are already printed. Camouflage leggings are extremely fashion-forward. They look great if you wear them in the gym. They also look great with a fun pair of high-heeled boots and a leather bomber jacket. If you’re a man who’s just finished hitting the showers after a workout, find a really sleek top and bottom set from a brand like SikSilk. Not only do the clothes feel really comfortable, but they’ll also provide a stunning profile as you enter a room.

Simple Lines & Classic Cuts

One of the reasons why SikSilk is such a relevant brand for men and women is because of the clean lines and classic cuts. If you look at the garments, they’re pretty classic. This makes it easy to invest in the pieces because you know they’ll remain in style for years to come. Granted, some of the patterns might come and go. However, when you pair different pieces with jeans, skirts and jackets, they’ll still remain fashionable. When you’re looking to create the right look, it’s important to remember that less really is more. When your look gets confusing to the eye, it can be pretty difficult to make sense of. When it’s time to get dressed, try to keep your outfit as simple as possible. When you have simple lines and clean cuts, accessories will look more like accents instead of hindrances. Though it can be tempting to get creative with the way you put together a full look, get creative in the way you keep the look clean and simple. A simple t-shirt dress with a stunning pair of sneakers will look great with a small crossbody purse. Don’t try to overdo the look with a hobo bag and a pair of iridescent heels. Pick one piece as the statement of the outfit. Don’t allow anything else to compete with it. If you’re wearing a stylish blazer, pair it with a simple pair of pants and a top in the complementary colors like black and white. Check it on Siksilks online shop.

The Power to Accessorize

Never allow anyone to tell you that your accessories don’t matter. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can wear accessories with your athleisure wear. While you might want to take off your hoop earrings during your workout, you can definitely wear them once you’ve finished working out. A cool gym outfit will look great with a pair of hoop earrings and red lipstick. Then, as you throw on a simple windbreaker, you can head out of the gym with a full look. Most men feel dressed up when they’re wearing a great-looking watch. Add a watch and a simple gold necklace to your athleisure wear.

While shoes are essential to the athleisure look, it’s important to find the right sneakers. Start by purchasing sneakers in universal colors like black and white. As you continue to build your closet, you can add colors like navy blue and gray. Then, it’s time to have some fun. A pair of neon sneakers will make a flashy yet festive statement. If there are some leopard sneakers that speak to your soul, add them to the collection. As more athleisure wear incorporates prints, you can include that in the way you rock your shoes.

Whether you’re wearing Siksilk, Nike or an off-brand, the best way to remain polished is through keeping everything clean. If the fabric on your sweatshirt begins to peel, purchase a sweater razor in order to remove the extra fabric. If your sneakers have a few stains, throw them in the wash. It is possible to maintain clean sneakers that last a long time. The key is to maintain proper care. As you implement all of these tips into your athleisure wear arsenal, brands like SikSilk will definitely serve as a benefit to your overall closet. 


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