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Features of Technology that Inspire and Motivate Mothers

Features of Technology that Inspire and Motivate Mothers

Technology has made everything accessible to all people across the world. Smartphones have become a necessity and moms haven’t been left out. Mothers can benefit a lot from having an app or social platforms that sends them daily inspirational quotes and keeps them sane. This will push them through tough days.

Mothers go through a lot and they still have the capacity to help others, take care of kids and run homes. Social media has enabled many people interact with others, share their experiences, learn and grow with each other.


There are smartphone apps that send daily motivational readings to take you and your friends through tough and great days. The apps include:

  1. Inspirational Spark Quotes

Available on iTunes, this app is incredible with positive quotes that you can live by, daily. You get to save favorite quotes and share the quotes to your friends and family, as well as strangers.

Mothers face tough days thus a little inspiration and motivation goes a long way to make them happier. You get to take screenshots and pass the messages along to your circle of friends too.

  1. Unique daily Affirmations

Having daily motivational readings sent to your phone or on your phone when you log in to your account is an incredible thing. It’s available on iTunes and every mother going through a rough patch would benefit greatly. Walsh Ralph and Bob Proctor quotes will help you get a grip on your life and stay motivated with focus on the big picture.

There are many other apps for Android and Windows Phones. Just look for them.

    1. Facebook

There are groups for everyone on Facebook. You might need to exercise a little caution before joining the group because of scams. However, after you get your perfect fit, you will find yourself in a community of individuals facing similar problems to those you are facing. This way, you will be able to share, learn and find solutions to your troubles.

  1. Instagram

People post photos and memes with some of the most inspirational messages. On a bad day, these messages lighten your spirits and on a good day, you affirm your thoughts about particular events.

  1. WhatsApp

Groups formed on WhatsApp have a common goal and you will find better insights in life if you ask to join a group that will; inspire you to be a better mother.

  1. Twitter

This is a great platform for anyone willing to interact. You can join groups or pages sharing inspirational quotes or facts about motherhood. More often than not, you will find something to take you through the day every day.

  1. Google +

Communities exist on this platform. Search a group that suits you and that will have positive influence in your life. It could be tough opening up with strangers at first but with time, you’ll benefit a lot and you will be able to share your story. Sometimes, you only need to learn through other people’s experiences.


People consider emailing an official platform to send work stuff and resumes. However, you can search the internet for websites that aim at inspiring and motivating people. Then, subscribe to their daily emailed quotes. Other than waking up to a work email from disgruntled workers/ customers, a working mom is able to wake up with a smile therefore facing their day happier and more confident.

Life gets tough sometimes but technology makes everything easy. You get to communicate with the whole world through phones and computers. The first step is considered the biggest one and joining groups and looking for these communities makes you better than many others. Your willingness to get help and be better counts and you will always find motivation if you look at the right place. Technology is a necessary evil.

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