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Find long-term houses for rent in Brussels

Find long-term houses for rent in Brussels

Brussels is one of the busiest cities in the world. Being the capital city of Belgium and the capital city of the European Union is bound to make it one of the cities in the world with the weightiest of responsibilities. Even so, it maintains its grace in its long history, culture and beauty.

With so many responsibilities and a welcoming populace, Brussels attracts lots of people from around the world and the European Union to live. 

If you intend to move to Brussels for a significant amount of time, keep reading as I share tips on how to live comfortably in Brussels.

Renting in Brussels

If you are moving to Brussels for work and intend to be there for more than a short period of time, then it would be foolhardy to keep living in the in-demand hotels of the city. 

You will need to move out of your hotel room to find a long-term house for rent in Brussels. Renting in Brussels is quite affordable especially if you move out of the city in search of a residence. With highly efficient and reliable public transport, you can easily commute from beautiful and calm villages and suburbs near the city.

Is it better to buy or rent in Brussels?

As a new resident of Brussels, it is much better to rent a house or apartment than buying one. If you will be residing in Brussels for up to ten years, you can sign a rental lease that will cover you for the period of your stay.

Rental lease agreements range from between three to nine years. These agreements allow the tenant to make any changes and repairs they would like on the house without involving the landlord or be at risk of losing their deposit.

Rental Deposit

In Brussels, the rental deposit is often paid for up to three months’ rent. It is refundable and it is paid separately from the rent. As a result, a bank transfer is a preferable mode of payment as there is evidence of payment.

 Keep statements of repairs and upgrades made

As rental agreements allow the tenant to repair or upgrade their rented house, it is important that you keep a record of the changes you have made as a tenant. Especially if you rent an unfurnished house.

Keep your inventory checklist at the time of the beginning of the lease and compare it with the additional fittings present at the end of your lease. You could easily sell them to the next tenant into the house.

Brussels is a beautiful place to live in. Long-term renting is more favorable than buying a house and is quite an affordable outside of the busy city center.


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