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Find Out the 8 Best Colleges For Musical Theatre

Find Out the 8 Best Colleges For Musical Theatre

A musical theatre is an interesting form of staged entertainment. It involves music, staged dialogue, instruments and dance. To become the best you need to train at the top colleges with musical theatre majors. 

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If you are in the U.S, you are in luck. You can attend some of the top theatre colleges in the world. To learn about the top schools, use our list to source information about the best musical theatre college. 

1.   Julliard School

Ranked as one of the best musical theatre university in the U.S, it has come up with notable alumni over the years. Situated in New York City, it takes advantage of the perfect Broadway setup. 

Getting a spot at Julliard is like a seat at the high table. Out of 1000 applications annually, only 20 people qualify. By taking their program, you get to work with worldwide renowned coaches and instructors.

Apart from the usual classes, the school usually has public performances. This is a great platform where top agents, casting directors and managers convene to scout for talent. Julliard is an exclusive school, which explains their high tuition fees. For their undergraduate program, be prepared to part away with at least $45,000.

2.   NYU Tisch  School Of The Arts

Like Julliard, this is another highly ranked school with a high fee sticker. The benefit of studying at NYU Tisch is the opportunity to interact with great instructors with vast experience in drama. You can find it at the heart of New York. Before you submit your application letter, use a free online plagiarism checker with the percentage to guarantee its authenticity.

It has a comprehensive theatre program with a combination of liberal arts courses. The school boasts of a long list of theatre stars alumni. Under their program, you can narrow your specialty to musical theatre or theatre.

3.    University Of Michigan School Of Music, Theatre And Dance

For a busy, vigorous, yet interesting program, the University of Michigan needs to be at the top of your list. Most of their alumni end up in television or production companies.

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4.    Ithaca College

If you are interested in a school with impressive Broadway productions, Ithaca College is your best bet. Located in New York, it offers liberal arts and music courses. It has a remarkable program that fits within the same level as other top-ranked schools in the industry.

The school has a theatre company that facilitates the preparation of annual musicals. These musicals are attended by top recruiters and casting directors. With remarkable talent and commitment, Ithaca is a great platform for a student to break into the industry. 

5.    Carnegie Mellon University

For an excellent experience of dance and drama, head over to Carnegie Mellon University. You get to work with the best professors in the business. As proof of their magnificence, you can check the success of some of their alumni like Zachary Quinto and Holly Hunter.

With numerous annual performances, there are plenty of opportunities for top students to land lucrative production roles. Their program allows students to make original acts or film adaptations. 

6.    Syracuse College

This is one of the best schools for musical theatre. You get to experience the beauty of Broadway by participating in the Syracuse Stage. A huge performance that brings together professional acts and students. 

The college has several partnerships with production companies. For skilled students that is a head start to help you make a debut. With the right attitude and dedication, you can land a great opportunity and become one of the legendary names in the game.

7.    Yale University 

If you want a chance at being exceptional, go to Yale University. There are wonderful opportunities for students to display their skills through live performances. Through a partnership with acting professionals and studios, students can take up roles in productions under the direction of celebrated faculty.

8.    University of North Carolina School of Arts (UNCSA)

The University of Michigan offers a bustling of activities and ideal exposure to producers and casting directors. If you want to have a booming career, this school has some of the best dancers and professors to help nurture your talent.

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